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The Walking Dead's Alanna Masterson cleans up with cleavage for Interview

02.26.2015by: Droz

I'm learning a lot about Alanna Masterson from The Walking Dead today. You know her as Tara Chambler on the show, the last surviving member of her family who at one point was chummy with the infamous Governor before he showed his true colors. Now she's among the throng of weary survivors following Rick around in a desperate struggle to survive. Alanna is little sister to Danny and Christopher Masterson, who you may know from their wok on That 70's Show and Malcolm in the Middle. I knew her name from the show, but never put it together that she was part of the Mastersons clan until today. Now it seems pretty obvious looking at her. The other thing I never connected with Alanna was how nicely she cleans up. She's fairly cute on the show, if not a bit remote and somewhat drab-looking. I'm not sure if that's supposed to be their way of emphasizing her character's lesbianism or what, but the net result is that Alanna has never been a standout hottie amidst that cast. Clearly they're doing Alanna a disservice, as her pics below clearly indicate that she's got plenty to offer as a hottie.

Alanna may never get a chance to prove her hottie worthiness, at least where TWD is concerned. Lately it seems like Rick's herd has begun to grow fairly large. There's a precedence to believe that, when the main group begins to swell with new members, that means there's a culling of the herd coming. I can't say how that's going to come down, but there's every reason to believe a zombie smorgasbord is not too far away. And it's always those on the periphery of the group, like Tara, who go first. That would be unfortunate, especially now that we've gotten a taste of how hot Alanna can be. Still, don't be surprised if it's Tara who finds chunks of herself becoming one with the rotting innards of the undead by the end of the season.


Extra Tidbit: Not sure about the nose ring though.
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