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The unshy antics of Joy Corrigan

06.21.2016by: No Cool Handle

As magazines that focus solely on photographing hotties in the nude dissipate, we're seeing less A list babes who are willing to take it all off. Not that there still aren't plenty of incredible hot women who are comfortable with showing off their stuff, but back in the day, you had big actresses in larger numbers willing to do racy spreads as opposed to todays reluctant climate. Joy Corrigan may not be a big name but she certainly ranks high on the hot meter, and she's one of those down girls who relishes at the chance to show off how beautifully endowed she really is. Chances are you've clicked through sets of her from Sports Illustrated or some other unrelated bikini spread much like the one featured today. Here's the statuesque blonde taking the beaches of Miami by storm for a shoot containing a large assortment of skimpy bikinis, provocative poses and even topless pics. She's one of those bikini babes you'd serve yourself well to do homework on. A quick search and you'll find many of her past photo shoots that will melt your freaking face off; starting with this one.


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