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The universe answers our call for more Amanda Cerny hotness

10.21.2016by: Droz

I've mentioned before how annoying it is that we don't get enough Amanda Cerny pics. If there's anyone who should be getting in front of a camera on a regular basis and seeing her pics disseminated to every corner of the Web, it's Amanda. Fortunately this spread of the beloved model, Playboy playmate (back when that was an exciting thing), and Vine star happened to fall into my grubby hands. I'm not sure when these were taken. They seem to date back to her Playboy days. I've never seen them before, so it's all good. It doesn't matter when or where her pics come from. Amanda is one of those dream girls come to life for me. This means anything and everything she does comes with a little extra shine to it. Girl is amazing.

Source: NSFW


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