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The United Kingdom bans Pamela Anderson's "sexist" commercial

06.06.2013by: Salacious Crumb

The United Kingdom, home of Benny Hill and Nuts magazine, has put the kibosh on a commercial featuring Pamela Anderson for being "sexist and degrading to women". Well, that's what the UK's Advertising Standards Authority has done, anyway. The advertisement Aussie web-hosting company Crazy Domains sees Pam as the head of a meeting in a boardroom full of men. Once a coworker named Adam catches a glimpse of her female assistant's cleavage, he drifts off into a fantasy sequence featuring the two of them bathing in milk whilst wearing golden bikinis. Disgusting…

I actually remember seeing this commercial a while back, so those folks at the UK's ASA must have just caught on to it. Dreamscape Networks, who owns the company, stated that they "did not believe the ad objectified women, as it was clear the exaggerated fantasy sequence was limited to Adam's imagination… They believed the majority of viewers would find the ad fanciful and humorous." Frankly, I think they're being a little overly touchy (as in sensitive), as well. I know a thing or two about being degrading to women, and this advertisement does no such thing. If anything, this commercial makes men look like a group of single-chromosonal, sex-obsessed pigs. Let's watch it again, shall we?

Extra Tidbit: Honestly, do you think this commercial was too over the top, or are there more important things to worry about?


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