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The underrated Arielle Kebbel is always a perky sight to behold

Looking at these photos from the Longines Masters of L.A. Welcoming Event makes me wish it were 2006 all over again. That’s when Arielle Kebbel arguably reached her peak and you could catch her in his largest batch of high profile releases ever – THE GRUDGE 2, JOHN TUCKER MUST DIE, AQUAMARINE… Ok, so they weren’t all that good, but they were publicized and promoted. And that got Arielle’s beautiful face out there, and for that I’m grateful. She looks amazing and perky, but I still have a soft spot for her dark haired phase.

Even though she’s mainly been living in a land of TV movies and appearances on CW shows like THE VAMPIRE DIARIES and 90210, Arielle’s still as hot as ever, even if her star isn’t. There’s something endearing about her cute brand of sexiness that I never get sick of, and my only wish was that she’d be stepping out more often. Hell, if she wants to step out of her clothes to gain some more media exposure, I’d be more than fine with that. 

Source: NS4W


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