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The UK knows how to do award shows

01.22.2015by: Droz

Those of you who don't live in the UK or watch a lot of UK TV probably don't recognize most of the hotties in attendance at the UK's National Television Awards show. That's okay though, for as you can see in the gallery below, there's a universal quality to the various attendees that comes across pretty quickly. Apparently it's a literal "boob tube" situation over there, from which little concern is given for that elegance and respectability nonsense you might find in the more highfalutin American award shows. It's all about tits and ass bulging from slutty dresses where the NTAs are concerned. I figure this is probably a result of the unabashedly tawdry content you find in a lot of UK shows, which put American shit TV to shame with its constant, desperate race to find the absolute bottom of the barrel in entertainment.

I don't watch much of what passes for entertainment on TV lately, but from what I hear in various sad accounts from those who do, it would seem that American efforts in reality TV are starting to languish in repetition, particularly with the once informative Discovery and Learning Channels. I mean come on folks - once you've seen one Louisiana redneck, you've pretty much seen them all. Perhaps Discovery Networks needs to discover the power of titties to revitalize their reality TV line up. Then maybe we in the States can have a big titty award show of our own.

Those being honored for their racks below arrive as follows: Luisa Zissman, Jessica Wright, Lucy Mecklenburgh, Casey Batchelor, Sam Faiers and Lauren Pope

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