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The Top 6 Hottest Game of Thrones Babes

04.15.2016by: Seth Gecko

When someone comes up to you and says the words "television" and "hot naked ladies", mine out of ten times your brain is going to instantly go right to GAME OF THRONES. Known for it's insane ultra-violence and HBO worthy nudity/sex, GAME OF THRONES is home to some of the biggest (and most beautiful) actresses in both film and TV. Every single lead and supporting actress has gone on to stardom and it's pretty easy to see why. So with the 6th season just around the corner, we've done the honorary thing and we present to you a countdown of the six hottest babes from the show.

Can you think of any more medieval babes we didn't mention? How about some other kinds of top 6 hotties? Let us know while you watch this GIF of the dragon queen Daenerys beginning to explore her deepest desires below.


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