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The slender sexiness of Doutzen Kroes is all over the pages of Vogue

05.18.2017by: No Cool Handle

As long as fans of slender Victoria's Secret Angels exist, models like Doutzen Kroes will never find themselves wanting for work. One minute Doutzen is getting her shirt hosed down for the sake of tantalizing imagery and in the next minute she's showing up alongside Gal Gaddot in one of the biggest blockbusters of 2017, WONDER WOMAN. Rare it is to see a Victoria's Secret Angel go from walking the runway to walking the red carpet, but director Patty Jenkins saw something in Ms. Kroes that convinced her she was the right woman to play Venelia. (Who's Venelia?) Anyway, before throwing your bucks down at the box office, see Doutzen Kroes in the role she was born to play: Woman in soaked swimsuit. It's in this "performance of a lifetime" you'll find the delectable Dutch dame in her true element. Needless to say, as pertaining to what's going on underneath her clothes, this women leaves very little to wonder about.

Source: Vogue UA


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