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The Sexy Six: Hot Movie Costumes

10.26.2011by: Randy the Ram

On today’s edition of the Sexy Six I’m going to try and keep that Halloween ball rolling, while I won’t be focusing on anything macabre related I hand picked a couple of costumes that some clever bastards concocted for some films to be worn by some tremendously hot females.

So if you’re a tremendously hot female here are some ideas you could dress up as on Halloween.

6. Lilah

Who the f*ck is Lilah you ask? She’s the character Megan Fox played in JONAH HEX but forget the movie (please!), I would like to concentrate on what they gave Megan Fox to wear. Long sexy boots stretching along some knee high socks revealing the best parts of her legs, a tight corset, some punkish opera gloves and you get some VERY old school hotness, the only thing left to do is to add a tomahawk for that hot badass chick effect.

5. Slave Leia

There’s a reason some things are considered classics and in this case we have the classic case of butt-kicking space princess gets captured, gets chained around her neck and turned into a slave, being forced to wear a skin revealing but aesthetic golden bikini. It's all your geek fantasies rolled into one. Curiously, THE RETURN OF THE JEDI was made while George Lucas was going through a divorce. Makes you think.

4. Blondie

The TINY group of SUCKER PUNCH fans tend to be reduced into smaller numbers when deciding who is the hottest of all the heroines in the movie. I’m not really a fan of the flick but definitely a fan of the ladies and my favorite would have to be Blondie, but only in terms of sexy wardrobe. I don’t really care for Vanessa Hudgens and her character doesn’t kick as much derriere as the rest of the girls but her motorcycle brunette babe look with added goggles just works for me and of all the 5 ladies she’s the one who rocks the best cleavage. You can also feel the heat that she’s packing and what do you know, she also carries a tomahawk. Instant badass.

3. Barbarella

The 70’s were big on the whole freedom of sexual expression and we’re very grateful for that. It gave us such classic moments in film like seeing Jane Fonda as Barbarella experiencing intense pleasure while wearing some skimpy gogo outfits (true story). She had all sorts of wacky sexy attire which were all about showcasing some mighty fine leg action and boy, action is what we got.

2. Persephone

While Barbarella was all about the legs, Persephone is all about the boobs. You can’t go wrong with Monica Bellucci in the tightest leather outfits you can find, it there’s something redeemable about THE MATRIX sequels it’s the appearance of the Italian goddess, unfortunately her appearances are rather brief even though they were highly advertised. Frankly I would have preferred to watch 2 hours of Persephone just sitting there instead of most of the convoluted technocrap that was RELOADED and REVOLUTIONS. Damn you Wachowskis, you could have given us at least more breasts!

1. Catwoman

Anne Hathaway has some big sexy shoes to fill and considering Christopher Nolan’s take on the whole Batman mythos I doubt it will reach the stylistic sexiness that Michelle Pfeiffer embodied with Catwoman in Burton’s BATMAN RETURNS. The dominatrix suit works not just as a fetishistic approach to Catwoman but also to demonstrate the polarity and chaotic persona of a reborn Selina Kyle, we know she made it herself and it has the stitches to prove it but the patterns reflect an unbalanced mind, and it’s that dosage of crazy that makes it walk that thin line between twisted purrrrversion and erotic desires. Le meow!

So there you go, a couple of treats to accompany the Halloween season, just remember to play safe kiddies and don't forget to comment down below on the things you agree, the one's you disagree and the ever popular, things I missed.

Extra Tidbit: In conclusion, sexy costume does not a good movie make.
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