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The sexy results of an Elizabeth Gillies collaboration with Bello Magazine

06.29.2016by: No Cool Handle

It would be nice to see touchpads take the next technological leap sometime soon. Imagine an iPad or Surface Pro that can offer a kind of simulated feedback, so when you're touching these Elizabeth Gillies cleavage-filled photos – not only because your totally perverted, because with touchpads, it's a must in order to see the next photo – it will actually feel like you're touching the warm, smooth texture of her skin and not some hard piece of glass. That, coupled with VR browsing, would make for an interactive experience, indeed. This is of course shortsighted thinking; the kind of technology that we might realistically see in our lifetimes, not the holy Grail of technological advancements: a robot Elizabeth Gillies that's indistinguishable from the real thing and is totally subservient. Allowing you to not only be the one who could stage sexy photo shoots like this, but also the photographer she has to sleep with in order to get the job.

Source: Bello Magazine


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