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The Russian Barbie thing is starting to spread

05.29.2015by: Droz

You look light on incredulity today, so meet Ms. Angelica Kenova, otherwise known as Anzhelika Kenova, aka The Human Barbie.

You've probably heard about this phenomena before where Eastern European people aspire to life as inanimate dolls. The most famous of these strange people goes by the name of Valeria Lukyanova.


Pretty nuts, right? Now there's this other girl coming to prominence for an unbelievable life choice. Yet for this one, the crazy doesn't stop at her looks. Nah, that's just the beginning of the batshit. For according to Angelica, she's been crafted to be a Barbie from birth by her uber-controlling parents who pretty much control her whole life. The 26-year-old claims to still live with these parents and submits to their super restrictive rules, which forbid her to date or have any kind of life without their consent or constant oversight. As a result, she's never had a real boyfriend, never done much of anything except subject herself to a rigorous workout regimen and take all kinds of racy photos, all organized and approved of by her controlling parents.

Yes, this is obviously a mental condition, probably a few mental conditions actually, all suffered by the members of this rather fu*ked up family. I don't know what to say about it all, other than just shake my head and wonder why anyone would do this to themselves. I also worry that our insane world will start to see this as the new norm where standards of beauty are concerned. What if one day, everyone tortures and mutilates themselves to look like play toys? I really hope I die before that day comes.

Anyway, pop some popcorn and check out the modern day freak show that is Angelica below.


Extra Tidbit: What do you think? Would you do her anyway? Maybe you'd rather do her. You got a problem. Okay, yeah, I probably would too. Dammit.
Source: Angelica Kenova


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