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The real love of Jennifer Lopez's life is anything sexy & see thru

11.18.2016by: Droz

Tabloids are rife with stories about Jennifer Lopez's various troubles with the men in her life. Clearly she should just focus on what seems to make her happy, namely showing off her curvy bod in things that do a great job of not concealing much like she did once again at this year's Latin Grammys. She wears this stuff all the time and seems to get a kick out of the whole idea of putting her naughty bits on display, at least in a limited way. There's usually a limit imposed by some sort of nude color body stocking, or pasties, or whatever. So what looks like Jen showing off turns out to be kind of bait and switch that in fact shows you only as much as she wants you to see. Still, it's impressive how much we're still on board the J-Lo T&A train after all these years. Girl continues to still have it and we seem to be just as eager to look at it.

Jennifer Lopez Harper's Bazaar December 2016

Source: Superior Pics


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