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The prizes inside Emily Ratajkowski's day on the advent calendar are epic boobs

12.08.2015by: Droz

It's been kind of slow year for compelling Emily Ratajkowski content. Not so much of those titty rich fashion spreads and slutty red carpet showings this year. Like so much of media anymore, it seems that the once showy hottie decided to take a much more puritanical slant to her behavior this year. This bullshit rise of censorship where anything sexual comes into play on the internet is really starting to piss me off. When did everyone decide they hated T&A? Actually, I suspect the problem is a minority of outspoken helicopter moms who can't deal with the fact that little Bobby and Susie are watching porn on their iPads. So now because of their bitching, we have to go without EmRat titties. Gee, thanks mom.

Fortunately the annual Love Magazine advent calendar knows no such restrictions and has made Ms. Ratajkowski the centerpiece of their day 8 video. Mute the audio and enjoy a little return to form from Emily below.

Source: Love


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