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The power of Jennifer Lopez's booty compels you to vote

10.31.2016by: Cherry Liquor
No matter how the ax falls, I am going to be so stinking happy when it's November 9th and people can finally calm the f*ck down about politics in the US. I'm not advocating one side or the other, I'd just like to see social media go back to its usual state of cat videos, baby pictures, fanboy rants dictating how pop culture has once again failed them and chicks in racy outfits simply for the sake of being in a racy outfit. That said, Jennifer Lopez is doing her part to encourage people to get out and vote by shaking her money maker at a concert in Miami to support Hillary Clinton, because, well, millionaires stick together and of course she is. I'm not fully sure how I feel about the 47-year old JLo continuing to pretend that we don't know she's really getting too old for this shit. Not because she doesn't have the body or the dancing prowess but because, f*cking hell, aren't you supposed to get to a professional plateau where you're not required to grind it like an up-and-comer looking to plant a flag on the landscape of fame? With as much money as Lopez has, you'd think that there'd be a better alternative to this nonsense. Of course we like looking at her famous ass but, holy hell. When is she going to get a break and rest on her lousy acting laurels?

And can this please be the ugly dance face that knocks Beyonce's famous ugly Superbowl face off the number one spot?

Source: Yahoo


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