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The people choose Blake Lively's legs

01.20.2017by: No Cool Handle

On a day in which we celebrate the peaceful transfer of power and inaugurate a new president, let's take a moment to acknowledge the problems with an idea like: One man one vote. The whole reason the electoral college exists is because wiser men than I realized that people are apt to make wrong decisions; stupid decisions. And in a time when the voter is more uninformed than ever, we're starting to see the prophetic fears of our forefathers manifest. You may be thinking, because I mentioned the presidential inauguration, I'm talking about Trump. No, I'm talking about Blake Lively winning the People's Choice Awards for best dramatic actress over Emily Blunt, Julia Roberts, Amy Adams and Meryl Streep. I'm not saying Blake is a shitty actress, but any one of her competitor's performances are so obviously superior to Blake playing opposite a wounded seagull for 80 minutes, it makes me contemptuous towards the vox populi – the very reason I don't watch the People's Choice Awards. Now, if Blake Lively won for sexiest legs on the red carpet, that would make sense.

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