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The paparazzi sneaked some shots of Jessica Alba sunbathing in Mexico

02.14.2017by: No Cool Handle

Out of 7 billion people on planet Earth, only one was ever going to be Jessica Alba's husband. Even Cash Warren must wake up every morning, look in the mirror and wonder how the hell he pulled that off. It's the first question I asked myself when I saw these images of the famous couple laying side-by-side in Mexico – how the hell did he pull that off? You must be in the Gods favor if you're fortunate enough to spend your vacation days in close proximity to Jessica Alba in a two-piece, let alone be married to her. She's one of the hottest women to ever work in Hollywood, and she's resides over a f**king billion-dollar business empire. It takes a holiday like Valentine's Day to make you wonder why there aren't enough women like Jessica Alba to go around or why the paparazzi couldn't manage a few quality pics. Don't let it get you down, at least we live in a day and age when the Internet provides a way to spy on Alba from a safe, legal distance. It's the closest we'll ever get to being as lucky as Cash Warren.

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