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The only rival to Haley Bennett's 2016 movie streak are her magazine spreads

12.15.2016by: Droz

It's been established time and again just how prolific Haley Bennett has been this year. While the rest of us have lamented the loss of countless celebrities and debated endlessly about one candidate or another, Haley has spent much of this year premiering one movie after another. Girl's energy reserves must be off the chart. I've found myself equally taken with many of her equally abundant magazine spreads, most corresponding to one new movie or another. I don't know which movie this spread from Vs Magazine was supposed to accompany, but like many of the others, it puts her in a very nice light. Girl has made an epic rise from near obscurity to near household name in just a few months. I do hope this trend continues. Haley is fun to have around.

Haley Bennett Vs Magazine 2016

Source: Vs Magazine


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