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The Mockingjay flies to a new continent for the next installment of J-Law hotness

11.13.2015by: Droz

It looks like we're committed to following along after Jennifer Lawrence for the entirety of her HUNGER GAMES: MOCKINGJAY PART 2 premiere tour, like so many drugged up hippies chasing after The Dead, back when that was still possible. Only in this case it's less about dropping acid to the sound of hippie anthems, and more about taking in as much as Jennifer as we can while she's wearing these sexy dresses.

Fascinating stuff in that Vogue interview she did, as well as her Diane Sawyer interview. Probably the most unbelievable thing is that she finds it hard to find someone and that she spends a number of her Saturday nights alone. That's just crazy. I'm sure some guys are intimidated by her success and fame. The more insecure types probably find an accomplished, talented, gorgeous woman like her an emasculating force. No doubt those pretty boy actor types can't hang with her on a personality level either. Girl is sharp as a tack and probably not the sort to handle things with kid gloves. And that is one hell of a suck up moment when you're deciding whether or not to ask Jennifer Lawrence out. Such things probably require more courage than many guys her age can muster. Too bad. Jen should look to some older guys for her relationship needs. Had I the chance to take Jen out, hesitation would not be an option, nor would pettiness or insecurity. That's a once in a lifetime moment right there that simply must be seized, at any cost. As for self confidence, getting a "yes" from Jennifer there would be all the confidence I'd ever need for the rest of my life.


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