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The Megan Fox TMNT2 on location hotness just keeps coming and coming

05.11.2015by: Droz

Something tells me that all these on location pics of Megan Fox doing her April O'Neil bit on the TMNT2 set will be far more entertaining than whatever the final product turns out to be when it hits theaters next year. The consensus among many was that the last movie sucked big time. If one believes in diminishing returns where sequels are concerned, then it becomes a foregone conclusion that this movie will be something like an international incident. I can't comment with all the facts there, as I had no intention of ever seeing the last movie and feel the same about this new one. But from what little I did see of the last movie, their biggest goof was failing to make good use of Megan Fox's eye candy potential.

This sequel seems to be trying to rectify that oversight, which is a step in the right direction. One thing that other Michael Bay atrocity called TRANSFORMERS got right was an understanding that at least half of it's hundreds of millions in profit lay in that magically sexy body of Megan's. Thus their determination to make use of it as often as possible. I get that TMNT is supposed to be a kid's movie, but so was TRANSFORMERS. Besides, no one wants T&A in their movie more than 13-year-olds. So find a way to get Megan out of them jeans if you want to get the money, Mr. Bay.

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