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The many sexy stylings of Olivia Munn

01.15.2016by: No Cool Handle

Olivia Munn is making the promotional rounds for the sequel no one wanted, Ride Along 2. Seeing that it currently sits at an embarrassing 14% on Rotten Tomatoes, perhaps an apology tour would be more befitting. One thing she doesn't have to feel ashamed about is her fashion sense. She's looking supremely fine in a variety of sexually accentuated garb - the thigh high, f#*k me boots are the standout. I never thought Olivia Munn belonged in the upper echelon of fine celebrity females. Obviously I'm in the minority because the way her nerdy enthusiasts go on about her, you'd think she's the personification of all their fantasy, pixilated female characters; a Lara Croft they can F#^k, if you will. But, its worth acknowledging her ability to put herself together and give those of us with a passing interest in her something to enjoy.

Check out a Joblo exclusive interview with this hottie!


Source: Got Celeb


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