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The majority of Nicole Kidman is holding up just fine

02.20.2013by: Droz

We give Nicole Kidman shit sometimes over the noticeable effects her various face adjustments have inflicted on her looks over the years. That may or may not be deserved, but one does have to admit that most everything below her neck is still looking pretty tasty. The 45-year-old mother of two (not counting the two scientology-brainwashed kids she adopted with Tom Cruise who apparently don't want anything to do with her since Cruise dumped her) was out swimming in the steamy Australian waters yesterday, apparently oblivious to the possibility of imminent attack from all manner of deadly, bloodthirsty creatures they got lurking just beneath the surface of the water down there. Nicole has been right up at the top of my list of actresses who do nude scenes and certainly in the top 10 best Hollywood bodies ever. I honestly don't see her ever loosing her exalted status in that list, which ignores any sell-by dates those on the list might have. Still, father time never respects that kind of beauty.

While time and the botox needle has certainly had it's way with her looks, from what I can tell such threats have thus far stopped short of harming the rest of her. Not too big a drift here from the undisputed heights she reached with EYES WIDE SHUT back in '99. Has there ever been a more gorgeous body more exquisitely captured than Nicole's was in that movie? Too bad Cruise kept coming in and ruining it. Why couldn't Kubrick have throw him an e-meter and had him work on his theatans in the corner while the grown ups worked on the best lighting for Nicole's ass? Honestly, they didn't even need to bother with anything else they did in that movie. If they'd just had Nicole putting things on and taking them off in various settings and angles, that would have been one of the best things Kubrick ever did, hands down.


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