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The leggy fun continues on Emma Stone's colorful La La Land set

08.20.2015by: Droz

Something tells me that any set Emma Stone is working on will be a fun one. She's got that playful vibe about her that I'm sure is infectious to all those around her. Even those not fortunate enough to play with Emma can still have fun just looking at her. She's clearly going to look outstanding in this movie, with her leggy dresses and that porcelain skin beaming. I still wont be seeing this though, despite my love for Emma. I can't handle musicals. Even if you do like musicals, you still might want to skip this one. For as you see, this movie marks the reuniting of Emma and her CRAZY, STUPID, LOVE co-star Ryan Gosling. Actually, he would probably be the selling point for dudes who really like musicals, but those of you not into musicals will probably remember when Ryan was putting his contemptible hands all over Emma in that movie. Damn him. Once wasn't enough, huh? He had to come back for seconds with his defilement of our blessed Emma. Yeah, alright. He seems like a decent guy. I don't care. He's been touching her. Any guy besides me who gets to do that is an asshole. I hate those guys.

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