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The kids and I choose Victoria Justice as our favorite Nick hottie

03.31.2014by: ResidentRiddle64

I love that these girls are dressing up and looking so sexy at the Kid's Choice Awards. Yeah, they range from conservative to cute for the most part, but if I was a kid seeing gals  looking like this (especially those pics of Nicola Peltz from earlier in a sexy midriff revealing outfit), I'd have gone through puberty on the spot. I'd grow a few feet, my voice would drop like an anvil, my armpits would start smelling spontaneously and hair would poof up around my balls. There'd be no stopping it. Thank God I went through years of that nonsense and am the man that I am today, so the only thing that I really want to do after looking at these pictures involves everyone at my house leaving for a few hours. I won't go into detail, but I bought fourteen bottles of lotion for this day specifically. 

Anyway, here's one of my total favorite hotties Victoria Justice looking beautiful at the meaningless award show. Like I said, most gals and kids probably think she looked adorable. I can just imagine bringing Victoria home to my mom and her pinching Victoria's cheeks saying "Aren't you just precious? I could eat you up!" and the only thing that would be going through my mind is, "No, mother. She is not precious. She is gorgeous! And beautiful. And sexy! So, leave her alone, because the only one that's going to be eating her is me!" Too far? Eh. There's a joke about Norman Bates in here somewhere, but I think everyone's time and energy is better spent looking at this beauty. Let's do it! 


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