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The Jennifer Lawrence Passengers promo train glows on

12.02.2016by: Cherry Liquor
I don't understand how it's possible for Jennifer Lawrence to bounce from country to country to country in a span of three days and not lose some of the luster that she's become so famous for. Sure, she has a lot of stylists at the ready for this promotional work she's been doing for her new movie PASSENGERS, but to look this good in Paris, the jet over to Madrid less than 24 hours later still radiating with beauty to shooting over to the UK here for another stop is insane. Sure, the smiles don't seem as big here because she's probably tired AF (as the kids are wont to say) but dammit if even at her most exhausted, she's still gorgeous. As for her co-star, Chris Pratt is still up to his "selfies" shenanigans, cropping out Jen again while they waited to have the press snap their pics. These two could do this for another 3 months and I'd still be entertained.

Source: EW


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