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The insanely stacked Caroline Vreeland showed crazy cleavage at the beach

03.27.2017by: Droz

I can't decide if I'm more turned on or amused by the levels of showmanship professional celebrity Caroline Vreeland injects into pretty much everything she does. Girl is the human equivalent to a Vegas casino sign. In fact, I'd bet Caroline would jump at the chance to outfit her massive rack with a set of flashing, neon lights to add that extra wow factor that draws the eye. Yet, however silly it might seem to be so overt with this, as I boob guy I have to admit her approach does work. Even if it is rather pathetic to be so easily ensnared by such obvious a display. Epic tits displayed in epic ways are always going to draw my eye and instantly make me thirsty for dairy products. I can't help it. It's a guy thing.

Busty Caroline VreelandBusty Caroline VreelandBusty Caroline VreelandBusty Caroline Vreeland

Source: GotCeleb


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