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The hotties of THE ROOMATE sit down for their JoBlo Interviews!

02.04.2011by: Seth Gecko

If there is one experience in my life that I truly DO NOT regret having, it would be that I never had a roommate throughout my college years. Just the thought of living with some dip-shit who eats my last slice of pizza, uses my shampoo or insults my taste in celebrity women just make me want to kick a puppy (not really but close enough). I feel sorry for anyone who has to suffer a horrible roommate especially if that person is psychotic and wants to rip your throat open while you sleep which appears to be the premise of the latest teen slasher flick THE ROOMATE. I'm not too thrilled with the premise but the one thing it has going for it that I'm looking forward to is the girl vs. girl (and hopefully girl-on-girl) action of the films two beuatiful leads Leighton Meester and Minka Kelly.

Hopefully it turns out to be an entertaining enough film to check out but one thing's guaranteed...the hotties are aplenty. In celebration of the film's release this weekend, the two actresses sat down with our reporter Joe Hui for some one-on-one action and the clips are far too hot to miss. So check out each interview below and watch out for the film which opens in theatres nationwide today.

Minka Kelly

Leighton Meester

Extra Tidbit: Derek Jeter is currently the lucky douche who's dating Minka. Damn you and your baseball money!
Source: JoBlo Video


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