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The hotties of Arrow celebrate 100 episodes in fine style

10.24.2016by: No Cool Handle

If the first few episodes of ARROW season 5 are any indication, we're in for another long, drawnout season of disappointments and unfulfilled expectations – I'm one dopey plot twist away from jumping ship. I know a lot of you out there are still keeping the faith but I just don't get it. The writing/acting is on par with Mighty Morphing Power Rangers (two things that need to be serviceable for me to enjoy) and Nolan's influence is felt not only through carbon copy plot points from the Dark Knight trilogy, but through the constant, weighty angst of it's lead. The show just crossed it's 100th episode milestone, which means we've experienced almost 100 hours of Oliver brooding over the negative consequences of his decisions; enough is enough.

So many out there have said: If only we could get rid of Felicity and Laurel, the show would finally get back on track. I for one feel if the showrunners nix all the eye candy then there truly is no reason to keep returning every week. Just get a gander at Willa Holland, Katie Cassidy and Emily Bett Rickards – looking sextastic at the 100 episodes celebration – and you'll find the crux of my argument. Recent history has proven [that] getting rid of the Laurel did nothing to slow the serie's backsliding. Whoever's calling the creative shots needs to go, not this fine collection of heroines; don't blame the lovely female costars for the shows innumerable issues. They are the ones keeping a certain sect of the audience coming back.

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