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The Hottie Stop interviews Summer Rae, WWE Diva and star of The Marine 4!

05.04.2015by: Eric Walkuski

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Summer Rae makes her film debut in THE MARINE 4, playing the world's hottest sniper, but it's not as if she's new to performing in front of millions. Rae is one of the most popular WWE Divas in wrestling, having been a part of the WWE since 2012 (she started as a ring announcer but eventually transitioned to full-time competition). Before her wrestling days, Rae was a part of the Lingerie Football League - which isn't quite as frivolous as it sounds considering it's a full-contact sport. Whether it's via bodyslam or tackle, I sure wouldn't mind being knocked out by this lovely gal.

I recently had occasion to speak with Rae about her turn in THE MARINE 4 (out now on Blu-ray), her very athletic career, her favorite cheat foods and her secret past as a plumber!



Tell me about acting in The Marine 4, your first movie role; what were some of the challenges you faced?

It was very important to learn how to make everything look legitimate. I had never held a gun before or shot a gun before, so when playing a sniper I wanted to make sure I was convincing. We went through a lot of weapons training before and I was able to actively fire on the set and that was amazing. Talk about a great release, I'm going to be going to the firing range a lot.

How is it different from what you do in the ring?

A big difference would be, you're usually in an arena surrounded by 7,000 people and you're absolutely projecting to the people up in the rafters. You're big, you're animated, we all have these larger than life personalities. In a movie, it can be the slightest blink or eyebrow raise that tells an entire emotion, so for me that was very different, I had to really pull back. And then when you scale it back, you have to scale it back ten more times. [Laughs] But what was really cool was being on set and being able to learn how people get into character, I almost felt like I wanted to keep filming after the four weeks of filming were complete. I really absorbed everything like a sponge.


Can you see yourself transitioning fully into acting?

You know, I love my job, being a WWE Diva was the end goal for me. I love the WWE and the fact that I can have this experience with WWE Studios. If I ever have another opportunity with WWE Studios, if they trust me to do something with them again, I would love to take what I learned from The Marine 4 and apply. Maybe a different kind of role, not just an action role, although I will say I love being in an action film. Doing what we do, that was great.

Are you a big action movie fan?

Yeah! I love The Terminator. Big Liam Neeson fan as well, I love Taken; every time I'm in a foreign country I think, "If I'm abducted, I really hope Liam Neeson shows up." He's amazing. Of course, I'm a little girly, so I love my solid rom-com every now and then.

When did you first realize you wanted to be an athlete?

You know, I don't feel like I'm athletic. I feel like I made myself, I felt like I had to train harder than everyone because I'm super clumsy. I had to jump hurdles in high school and I kept tripping over them, but I couldn't give up because I'm competitive. I played in what is now known as the Legends Football League, which is full contact seven on seven arena football, and I dunno, I think you have to have a screw loose to do something like that. [Laughs] I think you have to have a little something, a little aggression, you can't be scared. Especially playing football, anytime you play football when you're scared, you get hurt. You can't make someone do this, which is why I love what we do. We're away from our friends and our families almost 300 days a year, and so if you're in this for the wrong reasons, you won't last.


How often do you work out, is it every single day?

I love working out and living that healthy lifestyle. For me, I think three days a week is pretty good. I love weight-training, I'm not a girl who does cardio a lot, I get my cardio from weight-lifting. Right now I'm transitioning into high reps lower weights. Being healthy on the road is hard, there's fast food when it's 2 a.m. and you're hungry. 

When you do find yourself eating unhealthy, what's your favorite cheat food?

Gosh, I'm such a sucker for chocolate. Any girl who says she isn't is a liar. I have a bad sweet-tooth. Also macaroni and cheese, I'm a big pasta person, but unfortunately I need to get better. Only good carbs.


What's something your fans don't know about you?

[Laughs] One thing my fans might not know about me is that when I graduated from college I went to work for a plumbing company, and so I was pretty much a full time plumber. I know how to lay a copper pipe and PVC. And I was forklift certified.

So you're handy around the house?

You know, I choose not to be because I'm never home, but if the toilet's broken I know how to turn it off and fix the problem. [Laughs] So random, how random is that?

Not bad, if you ask me! Thanks a bunch for your time and stay safe out there!

Aw, thanks!


You can follow Summer on Twitter right HERE and Instagram HERE. THE MARINE 4 can be ordered HERE.

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