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The Hottie Stop interviews Sharon Hinnendael from Embrace of the Vampire!

10.04.2013by: Eric Walkuski

In EMBRACE OF THE VAMPIRE, Sharon Hinnendael stars as Charlotte, a timid and sheltered teen who has just left an all-girls Catholic school for a new life at a co-ed university. But, as per the title, Charlotte gets mixed up with an ancient evil that may be closer to her family history than she knows.

But yes, she gets it on with another girl. After all, the film is based on the 1995 B-movie of the same name that is famous for some girl-on-girl action featuring none other than Alyssa Milano. I spoke to Sharon about the "challenges" of such a scene (she gets it on with a guy, too, so don't worry), her fondness for beer and steak, and the one thing she hates more than a baby on a plane! (Yeah, she's pretty awesome).

Talk about your character in EMBRACE OF THE VAMPIRE; is she victim or villain?

Charlotte is a shy, complicated girl who feels alone in the world. She's definitely a victim. But she can take care of herself!

Were you familiar with the original film? Did you go and watch it before shooting the remake?

I still to this day haven't seen the original. I didn't want to have that in my head when filming, I wanted to come from an original place and make the character my own.

Are you a fan of vampire movies, or horror movies in general?

I absolutely love horror movies... Until I'm sweating like a hooker in church under my sheets with the lights on at 4AM in terror.

How did you break the ice with the actor and actress who are in the sex scenes in the film?

A lot of rehearsals. Lots. (Laughs) No, I've done nudity before in a series I did on Showtime in 2010 and have been modeling since age 12 so I'm very comfortable with my body, I mean it's acting. Same focus as any emotional scene. So I basically just put the focus on trying to make the other person feel comfortable. So instead of being nervous or self conscious I don't think about me. Also sex scenes are hysterical to film, things happen and it's heightened when there are naked bodies.

Are those sequences difficult to film?

They're difficult only because people make such a big deal about getting naked when its a normal thing people do every day. We are so scared to talk about sex and it's looked at like it's a dirty thing when let's be honest, it rules and is a regular part of our lives, why not have characters doing things that people do.

What do you like to do for fun when you're not working?

I mean, they call what I do work? (Laughs) My "job" is the shit. When I'm not working I like to hike. I go near my house in Silver Lake every single day. Also I'm a drinker and love football so going to a bar to watch the Packers with some friends and drinking right out of the pitcher, yes please. My roommate is pretty entertaining too, we spend a lot of time being weird together. I love him, we grew up together, he's a darling.

You're in really great shape, obviously, so how do you keep it up?

Hiking! Daily! I DJ as well so I like to download new albums every week and I'll go on a hike for 2-3 hours listening to new music. So I get tan, get in shape and do work at the same time creating playlists, etc. I really love working out but the gym is my enemy, so boring I'd rather be on a plane next to a baby.

Do you give yourself any "cheat" days in terms of food and drink? If so, what are your guilty pleasures?

Cheat days?! (Laughs) I love this question. It's cheatin season!!!! Every day. I work out so much for this reason... I am able to eat and drink whatever I please. Cheese, yep. Beer, yep. Steaks rare, yep.

Halloween is coming up - do you plan on dressing up? What's the best costume you've ever worn?

I am the same forking thing every year. A bunch of grapes. Do I love it?? YES! Is it cute?? YEAH! It's everything and more, it's cheap and I'm really good at it after 10 years of practice. I never wish to be anything else.

Do you have a celebrity crush - can be a man or woman...

Celebrity crush... Uh yeah. Name a Packer player.

What's your biggest goal as far as acting goes?

My biggest goal is to be happy.

You can check out EMBRACE OF THE VAMPIRE on Xbox, Hulu and iTunes starting today; it hits Blu-ray and DVD on October 15th. Hit up Sharon on Twitter right HERE.

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