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The Hottie Stop interviews Sharni Vinson, star of Patrick and You're Next!

03.24.2014by: Eric Walkuski

There's little doubt Sharni Vinson could kick your ass. Last year the Australian actress introduced herself to most of the world in YOU'RE NEXT, in which she played a sweet but deadly badass who singlehandedly took on a gang of masked murderers. While Vinson has been acting steadily for almost a decade - she was a fixture on Australia's popular soap opera "Home and Away" for several years, and appeared in STEP UP 3D and BAIT 3D - it was certainly YOU'RE NEXT that put her on the map. Lucky map! (Sorry…)

Currently you can see Sharni play a kindly nurse who's terrorized by a telekinetic coma patient in PATRICK: EVIL AWAKENS, a remake of the 1978 Aussie horror movie PATRICK. She doesn't kick literal ass as much as she did in YOU'RE NEXT, but she's still portraying a strong, confidant female lead who isn't apt to take shit from anybody. Safe to say she's born to play such roles.

This movie is a lot of fun, it's creepy and weird and even darkly funny sometimes. Was it as much fun to make as it was to watch?

Yeah, it really was. I feel like any movie where you get to do the things we got to do, it's just a lot of fun. Anytime you get to work with the prosthetics department, and special effects and blood and gore and stunts - there was always something going on in every corner of the set. It was a hoot, we had a wonderful cast and everyone got on super well, and that's always a very special thing.

It's a remake of an Australian cult classic; were you familiar with that film at all?

I was, after I booked the role, I watched the original. It was important if you're doing a remake of a film that was successful in its time to see the original. I was excited once I saw it, it was good.

You have several scenes with a nearly naked guy who just lays there as you poke and prod him - were those scenes ever awkward?

(Laughs) It was, it was a fun challenge. I feel like I'm a naturally responsive actor, and he just sort of laid there, that was his job. I found that so much of the acting was in the reacting, sometimes you're reacting to yourself. The whole thing was really interesting. We had a lot of fun there, he's a practical joker; sometimes I had to get really close to him and he would scare the pants off me, he would just go "Ahh!" and it got me every time.

I think it must have been fun for the actor, he maybe has the best role ever: he simply lays there!

I know, right? The movie is named after him and he doesn't even have to learn one line. He would come into set and just lay down and that would be it.

If you had telekinesis, would you use the power for good or evil?

I don't think evil, I don't want to inflict bad upon the world! It would be interesting to get into the minds of psychotic people and see how they got there, and then try to help get them out of that dark, bad place. Doing good through helping out the bad people, using your powers to change their way of thinking. That would be a start.

You've done a handful of horror movies lately, also including You're Next and Bait 3D; do you have an affection for the genre?

I grew up with a huge affection for horror movies, I was very young - probably too young to be watching those movies, but I watched them anyway and ended up getting nightmares. And now later in life I've done three horror movies in a row. I formed attachments to them for completely different reasons, they just happened to be horror movies. The action element within the films is what I also seek, I think. And there were also other cast members that were attached or the directors who were attached that I really wanted to work with, or the location was one I really wanted to shoot in. So many things come into play when you're choosing a role; the last three were action-horror films, and I love it.

And now you're a modern day horror movie icon thanks to YOU'RE NEXT.

That's awesome. I can't complain, and if that means I get to do more horror movies down the line, then that's a great thing.

Are we going to see You're Next 2?

Would it be called that?

I think it would be YOU'RE NEXT, TOO.

Yeah, that makes sense. (Laughs) I haven't heard about it, I don't think it's in the cards right now. If it ever does happen, it would be an absolute pleasure, because I had so much fun playing Erin. I think, considering what she's gone through in that first movie, that she would be pretty messed up, and maybe even on the run. It could be very cool.

I'm petitioning for that to happen. What do you do when you're not working?

I go crazy. (Laughs) I go crazy when I'm not working. I'm just not somebody who is great at staying still, I've always been a very active person. I was a super athletic when I was younger, that's why I'm into these action roles, these very physical roles, because when I'm just sitting down and not doing much I go crazy. I'm an outdoors person, I like nature, going hiking, going to the beach, all that sort of stuff.

Well thank you for your time, I'm going to start that YOU'RE NEXT, TOO petition.

Yes! Thanks!

You can follow Sharni on Twitter right HERE. PATRICK: EVIL AWAKENS is available on VOD right now.

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