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The Hottie Stop interviews Shannyn Sossamon, from Sinister 2 and Wayward Pines!

08.17.2015by: Eric Walkuski

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Back in 2001, an unknown model and dancer named Shannyn Sossamon burst unexpectedly onto the scene, appearing alongside Heath Ledger in A KNIGHT'S TALE to instantly become Hollywood's latest "it girl." Sossamon, who reportedly beat out Kate Hudson for the part, had never intended to achieve fame this way; in fact, she didn't even necessarily intend to be an actor. The native Hawaiian had moved to L.A. to study dance and subsequently became a sought-after DJ, and in 1999 (legend has it) she was discovered by a casting director while spinning at Gwyneth Paltrow's brother's birthday party. A most unusual success story, to be sure.

Since her recognizable turn in A KNIGHT'S TALE, Sossamon appeared in a flurry of films, including 40 DAYS AND 40 NIGHTS, THE RULES OF ATTRACTION and THE ORDER, which once again saw her act opposite Ledger. She's starred in over 30 films and TV shows since, and this year she'll have been seen on both big and small screen quite a bit; she co-starred in the M. Night Shyamalan mini-series Wayward Pines, is currently preparing to join Fox's Sleepy Hollow, and at the end of this week she'll be in the high-profile horror sequel SINISTER 2. It's for this latest film, of course the follow-up to 2012's very successful SINISTER, that I had occasion to speak with the lovely Ms. Sossamon.

Sossamon and I speak about her dislike of horror movies (despite the fact she's been in a bunch of them), the scariest thing that has ever happened to her (it's actually pretty scary), what she'd be doing if she weren't an actress and what those formative years as a breakout star were like for her.


So Wayward Pines just recently aired, and Sinister 2 is coming out now and you're going to be in Sleepy Hollow - has this been a marathon for you?

[Laughs] Not really, I hadn't worked in about a year. Sleepy Hollow is about to start and Sinister 2 wrapped last September, so almost a year where I didn't work. Which is always good, because then I get to take in the home life with my kids. I usually think it's the universe's way of making me be a mom and have that quality time.

Maybe it just seems like it's all happening at the same time.

That's true, the timing seems to be nice, everything is coming out close together.

How did Sinister 2 come about, were you familiar with the first one?

No, I wasn't. The first film I saw a bit of after I was cast in Sinister 2. I didn't see all of it because I'm not a huge horror film fan. It seems like I am because I've been cast in several, but I'm not. They just seem to come to me. I should say that I love when they're beautiful, and the really atmospheric ones. Let the Right One In, for example, is a huge favorite. When they're done in a way that's really beautiful, you can't deny it. There are a lot of horror films that come out, and I think to see all of them you have to be a true horror film fan. And I'm not one of those.

Are you able to watch the movies you're in?

Yeah, I like to watch the movies that I'm in once. I love to see the finished product, and I always end up feeling either heartbroken or pruod or inspired or terrified. [Laughs] It depends, but I always like to see it once.

Is making a movie like this disturbing at all given the subject matter, or are you able to just write it off as fiction?

The scenes that are very intense, those are draining, I'm not going to say they're not. It's obviously more fun to dance and sing. [Laughs] To be in fear and terror and running for your life isn't exactly a thrill ride, but it was fine. You just do it and get through it.

I read that you were injured on set, was it serious?

It was a little concussion. It felt serious when it happened, I had never felt that before, I had never been hit in the head by a trophy. I'm so lucky that I have nothing but a tiny little scar. It was during a scene where there were things flying around the room.

You've been in a handful of horror movies and shows, do you believe in the paranormal or the spirit realm?

I don't think about it too often. I wouldn't be surprised.

What's the scariest thing that has ever happened to you?

I know that answer. This was really scary. A couple friends and I were having a drink at a little Thai restaurant on Vine and Hollywood. I was 21. And there was karaoke music playing and it was kind of cheerful, and then all of a sudden I hear some voices coming into the place, and these guys had masks over their heads with guns in their hands and they were holding the place up. You don't even have time to really process it, but I just heard them saying, "Get down on the ground, get your heads down, don't look at us." All I remember was me and my friends crouched over on our knees and I remember feeling a gun press down on my neck. And that moment was the scariest of my life.


Oh Jesus. Was this when you were just starting out?

Same time period, I think I had already done A Knight's Tale. I remember at one point, before he pointed the gun at my head, that I was laughing. You know, you deal with fear in different ways. My friend was crying and I was laughing, and she said to me, "Stop laughing!" It was a weird moment. Fear is interesting.

When you burst on the scene with A Knight's Tale and 40 Days and 40 Nights, I mean you were practically famous overnight. Looking back on that now, what were those years like?

It was just a whirlwind. I wasn't quite prepared for all of that. I definitely didn't move to L.A. with a plan, and a clear goal that I was going to be an actress. It's nuts at first. In a sense, I was truly naive about it. I look back at that time now with a sweet fondness, because I was grateful for this job having chosen me, because that's really what happened, I didn't have these stars in my eyes when I was super young. I was really in love with dancing, that was my first love and still kind of is.

What do you think would have happened if it had not chosen you?

Because I was so shy back then, I might have been into something like directing, where my imagination would have been utilized. I think I was too shy back then to be like, "Yeah, this is my plan, I'm going to go out there and get it and be an actress." I got pulled into it. Or I would have had something to do with dance, I would own a dance studio or something like that. 


What's something you haven't done in this business that you really want to?

I'd really love to direct one day, I know everybody says that, but it makes sense because we all play pretend. I really know that it's in me somewhere, so I'd like to study and practice that. I think as an actress for hire I would love to do more comedy, I would love to do more musicals, period pieces. I'm such a sucker for period films, I see all of them. I definitely don't want to do too many more horror films, they're so draining. [Laughs]

So no Sinister 3 for you?

You know, that's a tricky one, because there's already a story that has started. I think it'll probably be more Deputy So & So's route, they can keep him going on and on.

Thank you so much for your time, I really appreciate it.

Thanks, you have a good day too!


You can follow Shannyn on Twitter right HERE and on Instagram HERE. SINISTER 2 opens August 21st.  

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