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The Hottie Stop interviews Sarah Hyland, star of Modern Family and XOXO!

08.22.2016by: Eric Walkuski

At this point, Sarah Hyland is well known to millions across the globe as Modern Family's beautiful but dimwitted Haley Dunphy, having played the character on the hit ABC show for eight years. That juggernaut shows no signs of stopping (the sitcom enters its eight season in September), but Hyland's shown a willingness to supplement her filmography with starring roles in feature films; this year she's headlined the horror-thriller SATANIC and the soon-to-be-released XOXO, which takes a look at the hugely popular EDM culture through the eyes of a bevy of disparate characters. Hyland plays Crystal, a kind but naive young lady who attends her first EDM festival with mixed results.

I spoke to Hyland when she was wrapping up her XOXO press day ("they saved the best for last" I offered, and she agreed), and we spoke about her connection to EDM and this new film that celebrates it, as well as about her favorite genres of music, her best concert-going experience, moving into film and doing 30 more years of Modern Family.

Sarah Hyland Modern Family XOXO hot sexy photoshoot pics

Do these press days get easier over time, or harder?

I don't know. I think they get easier, honestly. You create little games. I was doing on-camera stuff earlier with my co-star from XOXO and we started playing a game like, who could shake the hand of the person who comes in first. Stuff like that.

How about you take a shot for every time you hear a question you've already heard?

If I did that, I would be in the hospital for alcohol poisoning. [Laughs]

Here's one of those questions! Tell me about the character you play in the film and the journey she goes on.

I like to call Crystal the innocent of this film, she's very pure, and that's what I really love about her. She just has a pure, sweet heart, and she puts others needs before her own. Her arc in the story is, she's going to a music festival, XOXO, with very high expectations, gets let down a bit, then has to realize what she actually wants. What I think is the really great moral of the story for Crystal is that she realizes she doesn't need to put her happiness on anybody else, she can find it within herself. She's at her lowest of lows and when she finally puts the phone down, she notices all of this beauty around her. She gets caught up in the music and just dances her ass off by herself and it's the happiest she's been in the entire film.

Sarah Hyland Modern Family XOXO hot sexy photoshoot pics

Is this a character you can relate to at all?

Of course, I think every woman, every man, every boy, every girl, every person goes through it. We're human beings, we're going to have times when we're not confidant, we're going to have times when we're not happy, when we don't really believe in ourselves and rely on others to give us some happiness. Validation is sometimes what we think we want. It's really great to find happiness, find confidence and all these other things within yourself. I think that's just another part of growing up.

Can you tell me about the making of it? Obviously you were at some real festivals.

So we shot at four different music festivals, that was the only way we were going to make this movie authentic and take this point of view of EDM culture. In order to recreate that, not only would it have cost a lot of money but I think the energy would have been inappropriate. The people in the background were there really to be there, and not just because they were in a movie. They were loving life and spreading light and love and having the time of their lives. It was really great to see all of that energy.

Are you a fan of EDM? What is it about EDM that creates this communal experience?

I am a fan of EDM; I love all music. I've been a fan of EDM for a while. I think it creates this kind of worldly culture because it's the kind of music where you can leave all your inhibitions at the door. You just become yourself, even a part of you that you didn't think existed. You can just be free and dance with others and just leave all of worries and be in that moment.

Sarah Hyland Modern Family XOXO hot sexy photoshoot pics

Have you been to one of these festivals just for fun?

I haven't been to an EDM festival specifically, but I've been to Coachella, so I kind of know the world. But I've never been to EDC or a rave or anything like that. I'm a tiny person, so I have to be careful not to get trampled. But as I said, we went to four different festivals, so I saw a lot and learned a lot.

Was it difficult shooting a movie with all of that going on around you?

Oh yeah, it was so difficult. Everyone just saw a camera and thought it was a documentary and they'd be like, "I love so-and-so festival!" That got a little annoying after a little while, especially when we started to run out of time. But they were also very respectful; someone would come up to them and say, "Hey, we're shooting a movie, can you please get out of the shot, or just don't look in the camera?" And it would go from this crazy, "Wooo!" to just "Oh, I'm so sorry," and they'd just walk away.

What is your favorite kind of music?

Oh boy, I have the most eclectic taste in music. I like everything from EDM to hip hop, R&B, to things like Alessia Cara, Ed Sheeran. I love showtunes, I love musical theater, I love country, I love classic rock n roll, alternative rock n roll. I just love all kinds of music.

Sarah Hyland Modern Family XOXO hot sexy photoshoot pics

What's the best concert you've ever been to?

Oh boy. AC/DC at Coachella. That was amazing.

Who would you like to see in concert that you haven't been able to?

I've always wanted to see Adele live; I missed her when she was in L.A. this week, so I'm very upset about that. Destiny's Child? You know what, I've always wanted to go to a Beyonce concert, and if Destiny's Child made a special appearance, I would not be mad about that.

Acting-wise, you've been on Modern Family for a while now and you're also breaking into film, but what is one thing you haven't done that you're dying to do?

Hmm! That's a good question. I want to do action. Yeah, I want to do something with guns or sword fighting or running with explosions in the background, I think that would be really cool.

Sarah Hyland Modern Family XOXO hot sexy photoshoot pics

Is your ultimate goal to transition into film full time? Or are you happy on TV?

I am the type of actor who won't paint themselves into a corner. I want to be able to do whatever comes my way. I'm not opposed to going back to Broadway, I'm not opposed to doing film, or more TV. I would like to do more films right now, but I think that's just because I've been doing Modern Family for a long time, but listen, as long as Modern Family is on the air, I'm there.

Modern Family has its eighth season coming up. When you look back at the very beginning of the show, could you have imagined the kind of impact it would go on to make?

No. When I read the pilot it reminded me of The Office, and The Office has been one of my favorite shows, so I believed in it but I go into things with low expectations, just in case. It was a happy surprise. You never think it's going to happen, you always hope as an actor. I was 18, I had just moved to L.A. after living in New York my entire life, and it's been an amazing rollercoaster. I'll always be grateful for this opportunity. I've made lifelong friends; they really are like my family. Like, Julie Bowen is a big sister to me; Ariel and Nolan, they're my brother and sister. That's how it is.

I guess you would do, what, like 30 more seasons if you could?

Yeah, bring it. [Laughs] Maybe not 30. That's a lot.

Thank you for your time and good luck with the movie and the new season of Modern Family.

Thank you so much!

Sarah Hyland Modern Family XOXO hot sexy photoshoot pics

You can follow Sarah on Twitter HERE and Instagram HERE. XOXO begins streaming on Netflix on August 26th. Modern Family begins its eighth season on ABC September 21st.

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