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The Hottie Stop interviews Sarah Bolger, star of Emelie and Into the Badlands

03.07.2016by: Eric Walkuski

Dublin-born Sarah Bolger has been acting since she was 6-years-old, appearing in the drama A LOVE DIVIDED, and three years later she had a breakout role in Jim Sheridan's IN AMERICA. The daughter of a butcher and pasty chef (how awesome her home must've smelled!), Bolger couldn't be less Hollywood, but she has worked steadily since her first film, appearing memorably in The Tudors, THE SPIDERWICK CHRONICLES and Once Upon A Time, just to name a few. Currently, she can be seen on AMC's action-adventure series Into The Badlands and, EMELIE, in which she plays a psychotic babysitter with an agenda who makes one night hell for a trio of small kids. This one might literally make you rethink hiring a stranger to look after your children for the evening.

Bolger is one of the nicest people I think I've ever interviewed; I can't really relay how sweet and likable she was for this, but just trust hat I'd talk to her once a week if I could. (And if it didn't start to get creepy.) Here we speak about her latest playing-against-type role, being a child actor without the crazy "show business" lifestyle, her favorite food from Ireland and, of course, Guinness.

I know you're a native Ireland- I don't know how to say that, Irelander?

Irish person? [Laughs]

Irish person. Do you live in the states now?

No, I live in Ireland. Dublin born and bred.

Oh, you do! Is it a tough commute traveling to the states a lot?

You know what, nothing ever films in the states anymore, so no! Film sets are everywhere nowadays, so I think you can be anywhere and not too far from a film set.

Do you stay in Ireland predominantly because you prefer that lifestyle as opposed to say living in L.A.?

I'm a bit of a home bird, honestly. My whole family is back in Dublin, so it's kind of nice to be there with them, I think that's the draw. I love traveling and I love getting to see new places; I loved Montreal, actually. If someone asked me, Hey Sarah, I'll buy you a house somewhere, that might be where I'd asked them to. I don't think anyone will do that.

I keep waiting for someone to ask me that question.

We'll put it up on Twitter and see what happens!

What's it like tackling a role such as Emelie, who is very disturbed and does some very disturbing things?

It is difficult, she's not anything like me. She's quite warped and disturbed, and there's something different about the way she sees the world. Her moral compass is terribly off. I think my idea of her is that you never really know what she's thinking at any given time, and even if you think you do know, it's so far past what any normal human thinks.

We haven't seen you play a character quite like this before; was that part of the appeal?

Totally unlike anything I've done before. I've been very fortunate, because I've gotten to play this great series of royalty characters, and that's all brilliant and very fun for me. But to play a character who's stripped of all that is great. Also, to play a character who the audience learns about for the 80 or 90 minutes she's on screen; you had no preconception of who she was before, to me that's a gift. To create this girl from scratch was pretty fun from an acting standpoint.

Were there any characters or movies like Emelie that provided some inspiration for you?

Michael, our director, loves Rosemary's Baby, and it's not that we watched that movie to take stuff from it for EMELIE, but it was more the ambiguity of watching something and planting seeds in the audience's brain for them to follow. That's the kind of thing we were trying to emulate.

Do you have a favorite thriller or suspense movie?

I do! I love THE BLAIR WITCH PROJECT, because you're just watching these people and it's all in their eyes, you don't see anything, you're just holding your breath waiting for the next thing to happen, but you don't know what it's going to be.

I know you've been acting since you were young, but did you ever have to babysit?

No, I didn't! [Laughs] Clearly I would have been dreadful at it.

Now certainly no one's ever going to hire you.

Never! Never going to happen. My mom doesn't even think I should have kids at this point. It doesn't bode well for me.

What got you started so young in the business, was it something you knew you wanted to do right off the bat?

I don't think anyone knows what they want to do at 6. I sort of fell into it, it was super organic. I was in school and I think they were casting this little Irish movie and I guess I looked like a younger version of the other actress? Actually, randomly, the actress was Orla Brady, who plays my nemesis now in the AMC show Into The Badlands. It's mental, it's so ridiculous how it's come full circle, she was in my first job ever.

Because you've been doing it since you were a kid, you almost don't know what it's like NOT to be in show business, do you ever wonder what it would be like?

I'm from Ireland, so the words show business really don't register with me. I understand it, but I didn't go to any red carpet events unless I was going to my own premiere. In Ireland, it's not like that, I was in school. I would leave the set of The Tudors with my hair in that crazy crown that they had back then and then go do the rest of the day in school. I think my experiences on film sets were very grounded in the real life of being a child.

Because you were an actor while also going to school, were you a cool kid in school?

My god, no, I was never cool! I still think I'll get to be one of the cool kids, that will happen.

Can you recommend a good traditional Irish dish?

I love Guinness soda bread, which is a brown soda bread but cooked with Guinness. People love stews, that is really popular in Ireland, although I personally don't like it. So my dad's a butcher and my mom's a brilliant pastry chef, so my house has always been food-mania, packed with food all the time. There is one thing from Ireland, it's called Kerrygold butter. It is my one thing, if I go to a new place, I say how do I get the butter in this country?

Are you able to find it in the states?

Yeah, it's like Trader Joe's and Whole Foods! It makes me so blissfully happy.

Are you a Guinness fan?

You know, I don't really drink it. I mean, it's lovely and filled with goodness, you know, the goodness that can be received from alcohol. [Laughs] I love that people want to come to Ireland and go to the Guinness brewery. I think it tastes better in Ireland, but I've never had it outside of Ireland. My dad's butcher shop is right near the Guinness factory, so you just exit his store and it's instantly hoppy, it's in the air, and I love that.

Thank you very much for your time, I appreciate it. And I will try to look for that butter.

Oh, honestly, please do. The salted one, just load it on your bread, you'll love it.

EMELIE is available on VOD right now. You can follow Sarah on Twitter HERE and Instagram HERE.  

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