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The Hottie Stop interviews Sara Malakul Lane star of Sun Choke and Kickboxer

05.11.2015by: Eric Walkuski

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If Sara Malakul Lane can be considered one of this generation's new "Scream Queens," my eyes and ears are wide open. The Thailand-raised actress has made quite an impression in genre films these last few years, appearing in flicks like SHARKTOPUS, 12/12/12, JURASSIC CITY and JAILBAIT. And she's not about to stop now, for in the next year or two she'll be seen in PERNICIOUS, SHARK LAKE, Paramount's SCOUTS VS. ZOMBIES and the remake of KICKBOXER starring Jean-Claude Van Damme! Having started as a model in her teenage years in Thailand and eventually making her way to the states, Lane is poised to become one of the most photogenic faces in the horror-thriller-action genres in years.

I had the opportunity to speak with Ms. Lane recently as she prepared to head to Colorado to take part in the Stanley Film Festival. Sara was going there to support SUN CHOKE, a thriller in which she plays a young woman who becomes the object of an unhinged stalker's obsession. Turns out, Lane is no stranger to stalking - she does it herself! (Well, okay, cyber stalking.) That, and a few other topics came up in our chat, including her early years as a model, her growing fanbase (257K Instagram followers and counting) and playing opposite the likes of Van Damme, Seagal and Lundgren! (Guys, don't be jealous.)


Tell me about Sun Choke and the character you play in it.

I play a girl who is pretty much like myself, she's a regular girl who lives in Los Angeles. And she is suddenly stalked by this other girl who kinda looks a little bit like her but is maybe not as well-dressed. My character is generally a nice, caring person, and I'm concerned about this other girl, wondering if she's okay. I try to figure out what's wrong with her. You know, it's not unusual in a city like Los Angeles to have creepers following you around, so it's not that extraordinary for me. [Laughs] Until she becomes really creepy and she kidnaps me and shit really goes down.

Has that happened to you in real life?

I've definitely had my share of stalkers and things like that, but not to this degree. Obviously, this is extreme. I think it's normal, I mean I cyber-stalk people online. [Laughs] These days it's easier, it becomes really easy to have that obsession. The whole theme of the movie is loneliness, and it revolves around Sarah Hagen's character and what he's going through; my character is just a catalyst and ends up being a victim.

It would appear as though you have a lot of intense scenes with Sarah you play opposite; did you two get along off-screen?

Oh yeah, she's amazing. She was really brave for doing this role; I had to do some crazy shit, but nothing compared to what she had to go through. It was interesting because they originally had me in her role and her in my role. It was a crazy casting process, they really put us through the ringer, it was a long, long process.


You've been in a handful of horror movies; are you a fan of the genre? Did you think you'd be in this many?

I really enjoy horror, I enjoy being able to be put in situations that hopefully never actually happen in real life. You just get to use your imagination and it's just way more fun than just doing some family drama. When you're put into a situation where there's crazy shit happening, it just makes the job all the more fun. I think it's a genre that really lends itself to up and coming actors who are trying to make a name for themselves, because these movies are more about the story than just throwing a name actor in there. The horror genre is very forgiving. [Laughs]

A lot of famous people got their start in horror movies.

Right. And it's a great way to build your fanbase, because horror fans are very loyal, so obsessed with the genre. I mean, you do one and then they're crying for you to do another and another. It's just super fun, I enjoy being covered in blood.

You have a lot of followers on Twitter and Instagram, do you interact with them a lot?

Yeah, absolutely. I have some amazing fans. It makes you really happy when someone says, "I'm a real big fan of your work," and you can tell it's genuine, it makes it all the worthwhile. Acting, living in L.A., all the running around trying to get your next gig, it can be very unfulfilling, but when you see the fans who are really interested in your work, it makes it very rewarding. That's what I love about social media, you can really interact with them in real time. I try to make my Instagram page very much about what I'm doing right now.


You started off as a model at a pretty young age?

Yeah, I started off super young.

Is it difficult avoiding being too impressionable when you're just a teenager in such an industry?

Oh, you're totally impressionable. [Laughs] If I had a kid, I would never, ever put them through that. I mean, I don't blame my parents in any way, I wanted to do it. You kind of get swept up in it, you're 12-13 years old and you're posing, but you're not really sure how to be sexy, you're not really sure what sex is. You just kind of thrust your hips and you're like, "Oh my god, what am I doing?" That was just my path, I guess, and it's been a great ride, but I wouldn't advise any young girls to get into it so early.

When did you make the decision to pursue acting?

I started out doing a lot of commercials when I was young and living in Thailand at the time; the industry there was pretty small, so I was a model, an actress, and everything else. It all blends. Then I really began to realize that acting is actually a profession and a craft; I did my first Hollywood movie with Steven Seagal, and I kind of winged that but then was like, "Oh shit, there's actually a technique, there's stuff I need to learn." That's when I decided to pursue it more seriously and take classes and not just wing it anymore.


Ultimately, acting's what you prefer?

I love modeling, it's great. I feel really lucky that I get to do both. I think right now, with social media, one kind of pushes the other. I think with so many of these horror movies, they book me on the basis of having seen, "Oh, she's been on the cover of Playboy, she's got this big fanbase..." which ultimately comes from all the modeling work that I've done. People know that you have a fanbase, so when you're doing a movie like Sun Choke, you already have 250,000 people who are going to be looking for that movie, or at least know the name of that movie.

Is there a type of movie you really want to do, or a dream project?

I really want to do something with vikings, or something medieval. Like where you wear all that armor and ride horses and stuff like that, I haven't been able to do that.

So you'd like to be in Game of Thrones, basically?

Yeah, that or Vikings. There are so many shows out there like that now. I think it would be super fun.


Tell me about playing Steven Seagal's daughter - I have to believe you have a good story or two about him?

Seagal's my daddy. [Laughs] He was my first movie daddy. When you're 19 and doing a movie and Hollywood comes to Thailand and there are trailers, movie stars... it was amazing, it was an amazing experience. My brothers just loved the fact that I've been in a Seagal movie and an Eric Roberts movie and a Dolph Lundgren movie, a Jean-Claude Van Damme movie, all those 80s action stars. It's that nerdy boy thing. They're all genuinely cool guys.

What else do you have coming up that you're excited about?

I'm definitely excited about Kickboxer, I'm in the remake of Kickboxer. Van Damme plays the mentor in it, it's got Dave Bautista in it, Gina Carano is in it. I'm more of the love interest in it, I stand around and look cute. And then I have a movie with Dolph coming out called Shark Lake, it's Jaws in a lake.

Thank you so much again for your time, I really appreciate it. Good luck with everything.

Thanks, you too!


You can follow Sara on Instagram right HERE or on Twitter right HERE. Check out more pics of Sara in our gallery HERE.

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