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The Hottie Stop interviews Sammi Hanratty from Bad Kids of Crestview Academy

12.19.2016by: Eric Walkuski

Sammi Hanratty is probably the cutest lil thing you'll ever see wielding a flamethrower. The 21-year-old actress can soon be seen turning villains into crispy critters in BAD KIDS OF CRESTVIEW ACADEMY, a sequel to 2012's dark comedy BAD KIDS GO TO HELL (both titles are based on the popular graphic novel series of the same name). Hanratty plays Siousxie, a rebellious teen who finds out her prestigious school sucks for way worse reasons than detention. (See our exclusive red-band trailer for the film HERE.)

In real life, Hanratty is a pretty normal young lady, albeit one who has been acting since she was about 11-years-old. With over 50 credits in both TV and film, she's probably worked harder in the business than some people twice her age. And she's not slowing down anytime soon. Here we talk about her flamethrower skills, whether or not she's a "bad kid," the downside of social media and more!

Sammi Hanratty hot sexy photo shoot interview Movie Hotties

Are you off for the holidays or are you working on something?

I just wrapped a film on Saturday, so I'm finally fitting my holidays in.

Are you big on Christmas?

I'm sitting in my living room right now and there's my Christmas tree and lights just everywhere, stockings, the whole shebang.

Did you know about the Bad Kids, either the comics or the other movie, before joining Bad Kids of Crestview High?

I did not really know much about it, no. I was shooting a show called Stalker and I got a call that was like, "You need to fly out to Texas in two days, do you want to do it?" I was like, "Sure!" So they quickly gave me the script and I went over and thought, "This is nothing that I've ever done before. I've never played a character like this." It all just happened really fast, but I'm glad I did it because it was such good fun. And then I did watch the first film, just to get a feel of what it would be like.

Sammi Hanratty hot sexy photo shoot interview Movie Hotties

Is it tough springing into a character like that, without too much preparation?

It's kind of more like an exciting thing, you don't know what's going on or what you're getting thrown into. Hopefully you're going to be working with some good people, and thankfully on this one I definitely was. It was also great because my mom came out and stayed with me as well, so that was really nice.

Tell me about your character. How bad of a kid is she?

Siouxsie is a rebellious chick, but not necessarily by choice, it's kind of the way she's been raised. She's considered a lower status person, so she's got to have that kind of tough exterior, because if she doesn't then her vulnerability shows, and that's something she wouldn't allow to happen. She lost her sister - at the beginning of the film you find out her sister died - so there's a lot more to why she's the tough person that she is, why she's considered the badass.

Do you share anything in common with her?

I think everybody has a bad kid in them. [Laughs] Everybody has a little bit of a darker side. I deal with my problems differently than Siouxsie does; I would go to church whereas she would torch people to death. But we all get angry, we all get upset, it's just how we deal with it. I've gone through similar problem as Siouxsie; everybody gets bullied at some point in their life, mine just happens to be different because usually the bullying I get is over social media. Because I'm an actor, people like to pick on me for that.

Sammi Hanratty hot sexy photo shoot interview Movie Hotties

You mention the flamethrower sequence, which is pretty cool. I assume that's a prop?

It had flames coming out of it, it was an active flamethrower that I held. It shot huge flames out of it. That was probably the scariest part for my mom, because it was so windy out and I'm holding it and had no control over pretty much anything except holding it. They did all the work making the flames come out, but it was real.

Sounds pretty awesome.

I definitely felt like a badass probably 90% of the time. There aren't many times when I'm like, "I had my flamethrower out today, and then went out and got some dinner." [Laughs]

Sammi Hanratty hot sexy photo shoot interview Movie Hotties

What was it like on set, did you do much hanging out with the rest of the cast?

The other kids in the film, it was my first time meeting all of them, and we still remain very good friends, we still hang out. This was my third film with Sean Astin, so it was really cool seeing him again.It was a really good experience. I also got to bring my dog on set, that was really cool, she got to be our little mascot.

You mentioned social media and some of the negative stuff, do you get a lot of weird or off-putting comments?

I usually have such amazing, supportive fans who post really positive things, but there's always that one person who says, "She's ugly, she's fat." They're usually accounts that don't exist, somebody who created a fake account just to be mean. I see all the positive comments and then I'll see the few negative, but at the same time my fans are so awesome that if they see someone posting something mean they'll be like, "Don't say that, don't be mean!" It's really sweet. When I was younger it definitely affected me a lot more than it does now, but it's never great to read negative comments. With girls, they especially attack your weight. Your weight is such an easy thing to attack, because you're either too skinny or too big. It's not worth listening to.

Sammi Hanratty hot sexy photo shoot interview Movie Hotties

What do you have coming up that you're excited about?

I can't talk about one of the shows I just did. But as soon as I can I will have my publicist email you or something like that; it's a popular series that I just did not too long ago. And I just did an independent feature called Skin in the Game, which is about sex trafficking, that's what I just wrapped on Saturday.

Thank you so much for your time, good luck with the film coming out soon!

Thank you so much, have a great day.

Sammi Hanratty hot sexy photo shoot interview Movie Hotties

You can follow Sammi on Instagram HERE and Twitter HERE. BAD KIDS OF CRESTVIEW ACADEMY hits limited theaters and VOD on January 13th.

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