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The Hottie Stop interviews Rachel Nichols, star of Pandemic and GI Joe!

04.04.2016by: Eric Walkuski

Rachel Nichols was one of my very first interviews; we chatted in 2007 while she was promoting the action-thriller P2. At the time I noted how sweet, funny and charming she came off - and it's perhaps not a surprise to find that, all this time later, she hasn't changed a bit. Her profile has risen, sure - in the time between our talks, she's starred in G.I. JOE, STAR TREK and CONAN THE BARBARIAN, to name just a few - but Rachel's still incredibly lovely to converse with. This time we're talking about another genre film: PANDEMIC, in which she plays a doctor on the hunt in a zombie-infected Los Angeles for human survivors. The movie has a unique gimmick that sets it apart from other films of its ilk: Almost all of it takes place from the characters' POV, lending it a video game-like quality. (Actually, maybe it's not so unique, as this is suddenly very popular trend: this week's HARDCORE HENRY has a very similar visual style.)

In this too-short chat, Rachel and I discuss the unusual circumstances behind making PANDEMIC, how she'd fare in the zombie apocalypse, The Walking Dead and playing a damsel in distress vs a woman of action.

Rachel Nichols hot sexy body interview

It's a pleasure to talk to you again. The first time we spoke was when P2 came out, almost ten years ago!

Oh my god, that's hilarious. I knew I had talked to you before, and sure enough.

Tell me about Pandemic, specifically the unusual shooting style they employed. Was it more challenging than a traditional film?

We had a couple of different camera operators, but Amanda was our main camera operator and she had the hardest job of anyone on this film, and anyone on most films. They put this rig entirely on her head, it wasn't a go pro, they built this helmet for her to wear. So anytime it was my point of view - or Mekhi's or Alfie's or Missi's - she 's wearing the helmet and whichever actor's point of view it is is cowering behind her saying their lines. She was such a good sport because it was not the most comfortable thing.

We filmed in L.A., and it wasn't summer but it felt like summer, really warm, and we're wearing hazmat suits the entire time, with helmets and gloves and you cannot breath at all, and we'd be really happy when it was our point of view because it meant we could take the helmet off and the tops of the suits off. It was definitely guerilla filmmaking and something new and exciting. And the fact that it is an indie film meant we could do whatever we wanted, so that was pretty cool.

Rachel Nichols hot sexy body interview

Does shooting a movie like that in L.A. prove difficult at all?

Sometimes, yes. We shot in downtown L.A. and we shot a couple of Saturdays, which really helped take down the traffic and people that would be coming through. I'm sure it was much more affordable to shoot during the weekends as opposed to during the week, too. The fact that a lot of it was shot at night was helpful as well. I mean, there are always certain hurtles that you're going to have to go over, but unless the director and producers kept some things from the cast, it went very smoothly as far as I can tell.

Do you enjoy doing action sequences?

I love it, it's my favorite. My first action sequence that I ever filmed was on Alias, and including P2 I've done a lot of action and suspense movies, and I love them. I love playing strong women who can kick ass in the face of adversity. The joke lately is that I'm usually in peril, for some reason I'm in peril so frequently. I do as much stunt work as I possibly can, but I'm honest about it when there's a stunt double who can do things better than you can do. [Laughs] Let them do those things, I'm never going to say I can do everything myself, so it's always really important to have a great stunt team in place. But yes, I think action scenes are so much fun.

Rachel Nichols hot sexy body interview

What's the most difficult one you've ever had to do?

Oh gosh. There's a combo deal. My first fight sequence on Alias I was playing a Russian hooker, wearing a very short Dolce and Gabbana dress with very high heels, and we were fighting on an oil rig outside of Santa Barbara. An oil rig. [Laughs] That was a challenge. On G.I. JOE there were certain difficult scenes, because anytime fire is involved it elevates the complications that can happen and the danger level - not that there's any danger. Even looking back to P2 - I have to put P2 in that area - because I had to do a lot of that with real handcuffs on. I drove a car with a camera mounted on the side, my face covered in blood, handcuffed. Yeah, that was a challenge.

How do you think you'd fare in a real zombie apocalypse?

I love this question. I have a bunch of single girlfriends who say, "I don't care if he's funny, I don't care if he's got great abs, I just want to know if he can get me out of a zombie apocalypse!" For new dating prospects. You know, I think I would fare pretty well; you know in The Walking Dead when they learn to stab them in the head, I could do that. I'm okay with blood and all that stuff. Foraging for my own food, I actually don't know how good I'd be at that. I think I'd be okay, I mean I was born in Maine, I was born owning guns, if you need me to load a weapon, I could.

So you'd be the enforcer of the group? The zombie killer?

Yeah, I totally think I could do that.

Rachel Nichols hot sexy body interview

Do you like The Walking Dead, and zombie movies in general?

Right after we shot PANDEMIC, my husband and I were both really sick and we were out of shows to binge watch. I went on Twitter, as you do nowadays, and I asked people what to watch. Everyone said The Walking Dead, so my husband and I said, "We're not really zombie people, but we'll give it a try." And we were hooked. We realized that, yes there are zombies, but it's a character-driven show, it's an actor-driven show, the acting is so good. Yes, there's a zombie apocalypse, but that's not all that the show is. That is one of the only shows that we are caught up with and watch live on Sunday nights.

Also it'll be spoiled for you the next day if you don't.

Exactly, you have to watch it immediately or someone's going to ruin it for you. We enjoyed Fear the Walking Dead as well. I think it's interesting when you have that zombie element but it's a character-driven piece; I feel that way about PANDEMIC as well. I like that, it's pretty cool.

Rachel Nichols hot sexy body interview

If there were a zombie apocalypse, who would you want by your side?

Good lord. I have to say my dad. I think my dad would be so good in the zombie apocalypse; if I could say my mom and dad as a combo, I would for sure, but my dad's a hunter, he's good with weapons. I'd give it to my dad.

Well, thank you again for your time and I hope it's not another nine years before I speak to you again.

Yeah, let's hope for that! I am going to Barcelona to do another film where I'm in peril, so maybe we can talk for that!

Rachel Nichols hot sexy body interview

PANDEMIC is available on VOD starting April 5th. You can follow Rachel on Twitter, click HERE.  

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