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The Hottie Stop Interviews Nina Dobrev, Star of The Final Girls & Vampire Diaries!

10.19.2015by: JimmyO

In case you haven’t heard, THE FINAL GIRLS, the new movie from the very talented Todd Strauss-Schulson is utterly awesome. It is the perfect Halloween season flick. And one of the many factors that make it so great is the cast, and that includes the incredible Nina Dobrev. If you are a fan of her from The Vampire Diaries, there is even more to love from her blossoming career. The actress has appeared in a number of cool flicks like LET’S BE COPS, THE PERKS OF BEING A WALLFLOWER and yes, she plays the “mean girl” in the terrific new horror comedy.

I’ve had the wonderful pleasure of chatting with Nina a couple years back at Comic Con, and I was more than thrilled to talk to her again for this weeks The Hottie Stop. During our conversation we discussed her views on horror, her love of adventure - including jumping out of planes - and a few things she learned from The Vampire Diaries. We also talked about some of her favorite actresses. There is a lot to love about Nina, and if you don’t follow her on Instagram, clearly you are doing something wrong.

So you are getting into the slasher world with THE FINAL GIRLS?

I am temporarily, yeah. It’s been great. I’m in Toronto, my hometown. We are closing the film festival with the Midnight Madness. It’s finally coming out after a year and a half of waiting after we filmed it. A lot of exciting things are happening.

Usually the “bitchy” character is simply that, but this is a very different and layered character. What did you connect with?

That’s what I gravitated toward. Every horror movie, although I don’t want to generalize, but every movie has its tropes and stereotypes. And I liked that, even though I am the mean girl, she is the misunderstood mean girl that gets to explain herself. You start to understand why she is the way she is, and she may not always be mean but she is just honest and blunt and she doesn’t have a sensor. Yet she is not the most tactful when explaining things. She is very logical. She says it how it is, and that gets misconstrued. It can come out a little harsh, but the truth is harsh. But maybe she should be a little more self aware and not say the things she does. 

It’s refreshing to see a character like this that actually grows throughout the film, it is a rare thing in horror.

Yeah, I completely agree with you. And I think Todd [Stauss-Schulson], Josh [John Miller] and Mark [Fortin] did an incredible job in portraying that. They made a unique script with a great story that hasn’t been seen. It’s just a fresh approach to filmmaking by sort of dissecting filmmaking, and going against the grain and breaking all the rules. That’s why I gravitated towards this, and why all of us in the film wanted to be a part of it. It was exciting to do something new. 

Are you a horror fan? Is that something you are into?

Not really, no. It’s kind of what they say, you know, the shoemaker’s shoes are always ripped. I’ve been on a TV show for the last six years that was supernatural and horror related. And now, with this movie, when I’m not working on it I want to laugh. I want to go to the theatre and watch INSIDE OUT. I’d rather watch dramas and action movies, and basically I want to do the opposite of what I’m doing. If I’m filming an action movie, it would be the last thing I want to watch. It’s sort of changing it up and keeping it fresh.

Did you see scary movies as a kid?

I saw SCREAM when it first came out and I loved it at the time. But there are people that run to every horror movie because they just love the genre. It’s not my favorite genre.

You seem to be very busy working in TV and film. How do you step away from it and have fun because it seems like you are constantly busy?

I am, but I definitely find a lot of time to play. I work hard, but I play hard. The last six years I was very engaged with my work so the last five months I’ve been doing the opposite [Laughing]. I’ve been traveling and spending time with my family and friends and seeing the world. I’ve been building more life experience, so that when I get back into it I have something to pull from. I think that is important. There has to be a balance because… the Europeans are doing something right.

I agree with that. So you’ve traveled the world, where are some of the coolest places you’ve gone?

You definitely don’t follow me on Instagram do you?

I guess I should apparently [Laughing].

Yes you should [Laughing].

You know what, I will.

[Laughing] This summer alone, I just got back from London. Bulgaria. Saint-Tropez. I went to New Zealand this year. I went bungee jumping and skydiving this year. I hung out with some koalas and tigers. I’m a thrill seeker my friend, I travel a lot. Crazy shit. I jump out of planes!



How often do you jump out of planes?

Not THAT often, but…

But you’ve done it… that’s more than I have.

Yeah, that’s what I meant when I work hard and I play hard. When I work, I’m in it and I don’t do anything else. When I’m not working, I literally try and go to the furthest place across the planet and just disconnect. I won’t turn on my phone and I won’t answer anyone’s calls. It’s very frustrating to anyone in my life because there are periods where I just disappear. But it is what it is.

That sounds amazing. Now I really do want to follow you on Instagram. Speaking of social media, how involved do you get in all of that? What are some of the advantages, as well as the pitfalls?

I wasn’t always into it. I think being on the show, they kind of made us get Twitter. I didn’t even know what it as until then. And once I got into it, I did get kind of hooked. And I get it now. It’s the ability to reach out to so many people and get a message across, hopefully a good message and do good with it. And you can express yourself, and people feel like they can be part of the process because obviously they like the show, they like you, they like whatever you are involved in. They want to be close to that and know as much about that as possible. I think that is interesting. And it is fun to share your experiences. Like if I jump out of a plane, I think that is really rad, and I’m proud of it and I want to share it. And hopefully I inspire people with quotes and stuff. It’s just another way to express yourself. One pitfall is, and hopefully I’m not like this… a lot of times I will post after the fact, I won’t post it immediately. I don’t want to be the girl that is just constantly taking photos all day instead of actually speaking to her friends and then editing it and posting it. I’ll take some photos and then later on I’ll post them. I don’t want to not be in the moment with people when I’m there.

That’s a very good point, because it is sort of ridiculous to stop what you are doing all the time to send a tweet.

Yeah. I think it is okay to sort of disconnect and then take time with things, and you shouldn’t be doing things just so you get material for social media. 

What did you learn from playing Elena on The Vampire Diaries and being a part of something that big?

I learned so much. I mean, those were my formative years so it would be silly to say that in six years I didn’t learn anything. I learned a million things. I grew up and went from being a girl to being a woman. It was great. I feel like it was actor bootcamp for me. I got to do everything. I got to do stunts and visual effects. I learned about post-production, mixing and directing, cameras and writing. It was a very interesting process for me. It was kind of like going to college. I would have been crazy if I didn’t take advantage of that opportunity and becoming close to everyone. I have a family that I will never lose. It will be in my life forever.

You were absolutely charismatic in that role.

Thank you.

Are there actresses that you look at and think, ‘oh they are so talented or so beautiful’ one that you find yourself a “fangirl” for?

I don’t want to use the word “fangirl” but I definitely have a lot of respect for so many talented and beautiful actresses, of course. I mean, my friend Julianne Hough. I’m in awe on a daily basis. Such a talented actor and dancer and she has charisma that is majestic and angelic. You always want to be around her. And similarly, Shailene Woodley is amazing. And there is Jennifer Lawrence. The list can go on. It’s really great to be surrounded by so many up and coming and well established people. I get inspired by them daily.

It also seems that you are transitioning from the small screen to the big screen in a pretty satisfying way.

Thank you [Laughing]. I’m trying.

Look, I am a fan of horror and I work for a horror web site so I see pretty much everything. And your work in THE FINAL GIRLS is really terrific, surprisingly touching.

I think those kudos go to Todd, the director. And Josh and Mark, the writers. They are really the masterminds behind that. I’m just a puppet.

Well you are one hell of a puppet.

I appreciate that. And that is the reason why I wanted to do this movie because, even though it has a horror aspect, it did have heart and it did have comedy to it. It was more than just your typical horror movie. I felt like it was different in that way. That’s why I loved it too. And if they made more of these horror movies I’d probably watch more of them [Laughing].

What is coming up next for you?

I’m not allowed to announce it, but I’m excited to talk about it soon. But until then you are just going to have to wait.

Well it was a pleasure talking to you.

Thank you. I’ll talk to you soon.

If you are at all a fan of horror - and good movies in general - you must watch THE FINAL GIRLS currently in limited theatrical release and on VOD. As well, if you'd like to follow Nina, check out her official Facebook, Instagram and Twitter accounts.

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