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The Hottie Stop interviews model/actress Melissa Bolona!

11.14.2016by: Eric Walkuski

You're going to be seeing a lot of Melissa Bolona in the next couple years. In fact, you may already have. The model-turned-actress appeared in five different films in 2015, nine in 2016 and has about four more in the works for 2017. As a model she's appeared in Sports Illustrated, Harper’s Bazaar, Esquire, Forbes, Flaunt, Latina, Bella, Vanidades, Vanity Fair and GQ UK. She also has a degree in International Marketing and studied at the prestigious The American Business School in Paris. Oh yeah, she's also a philanthropist, having been featured in The New York Observer for her efforts. So obviously, if this whole "being beautiful and appearing in movies" thing doesn't work out, she can fall back on her marketing degree and ability to speak French fluently.

As Melissa just had two movies come out recently - Paul Schrader's DOG EAT DOG (in which she appears opposite Nicolas Cage) - and Marcus Dunstan's thriller THE NEIGHBOR, now seemed the perfect time to speak to her about her very busy schedule, her philanthropic efforts, her love of dogs and what's coming next.

Melissa Bolona model actress hot sexy photoshoot sports illustrated GQ

So you're in two new releases right next to each other, The Neighbor and Dog Eat Dog, that's pretty nice timing.

Yeah, absolutely. It's exciting.

Was it an intense shoot, working with Paul Schrader, Nicolas Cage and Willem Dafoe?

I mean, they definitely had their specific vision for the film, they definitely knew what they wanted, and I respected their creativity throughout the process. Knowing what you want, it's got to be difficult, you know, to be making a film with so many moving parts.

How did you get involved with The Neighbor?

The Neighbor was just one of those scripts. The day I got it, I read it and then went out to dinner, but I just kept thinking about it and I just wanted to go back and read it again. That's how I knew it was something I was really drawn to. I knew playing Sara was going to be a challenge as an actress, because not many people can say they've been in that situation- I'm not going to give anything away. She definitely has to achieve a high level of emotion to display what she was going through, so as an actress it was really exciting at the end of it all to feel really accomplished, that I pushed myself.

Melissa Bolona model actress hot sexy photoshoot sports illustrated GQ

Are you a fan of thrillers?

I love them, they're one of my favorite types of films to watch because I love being on the edge of my seat, I love the adrenaline of being scared when you're safe and sound on your couch versus, you know, real life fear. [Laughs]

According to Wikipedia you had like 10 movies come out this year alone?

Yeah, definitely a bunch of projects that I've been working on. They're all so different, which is really exciting for me, getting to be different characters and show people my range. And as far as the release dates, some of them are going to festivals, some are in post-production. Every time I hear about one coming out, it's very exciting for me.

I read that you started acting when you were young but didn't decide to pursue it professionally until after college?

Yes, when I was much younger my mom would take me to auditions for plays and stuff in New Jersey. I would always gloat around, telling everyone I was going to be an actress. [Laughs] While I was in college, studying abroad in Paris, I kind of pursued it on the side by taking classes. Once I came back to America I indulged in it and started taking it on and taking it very seriously. When I graduated, I was doing both modeling and acting, and modeling has definitely been helpful in my transition back to being in front of the camera.

Melissa Bolona model actress hot sexy photoshoot sports illustrated GQ

Is that a transition you want to make full-time?

One hundred percent. As much as I love modeling, which I'm fortunate enough to do while I'm acting, acting is definitely where my heart is.

What were you studying in Paris?

I was studying international marketing. For the study abroad program, I had to take some core business classes and also got to take a French class as well, so I speak French pretty well.

Were you seriously considering this other path for a while?

Yeah, it was always so important for my mom. "You have to go to college!" So I did the whole college thing, and I love marketing, it's definitely a passion of mine, but to be honest with you in this career I genuinely feel like I'm using the skill set I learned in college, because in this social media age of brands and branding, I feel like I'm marketing myself every day. It was a nice choice of major, inadvertently, that goes hand in hand with my career path.

Do you interact with your Instagram and Twitter followers a lot?

I love to respond and I love when people say genuine things, genuine compliments, that aren't, you know, creepy. I love to respond to that because it makes my day, makes me feel good. They took the time out of their day to tell me something, so I wanna do the same for them.

Melissa Bolona model actress hot sexy photoshoot sports illustrated GQ

Do you get creepy comments?

[Laughs] Absolutely. I think every modern woman on social media does.

You're also a well known philanthropist. The NY Observer listed you alongside Olivia Wilde and Eli Manning, which is pretty nice company. How did you get noticed for that?

When I was much younger, me and my sister would go door to door, like trick r treating, asking for money for the American Heart Association. One of my first major modeling campaigns for a brand called Jen, me and the CEO Josh Reid started talking on the set about our common interests and what have you, and together we started looking at opportunities at being philanthropic and collaborated from there. I started getting involved in several organizations, like the James Blake Foundation, the Clinton Foundation; it's just been a passion of mine to give back. One day I hope I can open my own charity geared toward animals.

Are you an animal lover? How many do you have?

Oh yeah, big time. I have four dogs, one of them died in June which was absolutely heartbreaking. Her spirit is with us every day.

Melissa Bolona model actress hot sexy photoshoot sports illustrated GQ

So you're not at the point where you have ten dogs and ten cats.

One day, that's the goal. [Laughs] I do what I do every day for the greater cause of my dog farm.

What are some of your hobbies, what do you do when you have off time?

This question was answered in the one before. [Laughs] I'm such a crazy animal person. My time off is for my dogs, bringing them to the beach; it sounds so corny, but whenever they're happy running around, it literally makes me happy. That's what I'm doing in my time off.

Do you have your next year planned out?

It literally changes daily. I just found out I might be shooting this film Category 5 in January. Every day is a moving target with the projects that come and go, auditions. As of right now 2017 is, I think, planned.

Melissa Bolona model actress hot sexy photoshoot sports illustrated GQ

You can learn more about Melissa on her official website. DOG EAT DOG can be rented HERE; THE NEIGHBOR HERE!

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