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The Hottie Stop interviews Mia Faith, star of They're Watching!

03.28.2016by: Eric Walkuski

Mia Faith is a relatively fresh new face on the movie scene and THEY'RE WATCHING is her biggest role yet. The young actress from California was still in college when the opportunity to star in the found footage horror film came up, and she went after it quite proactively. (More on that in the interview below.) She had been in a handful of small films prior to this, plus was featured in a couple of television shows like The Mentalist and Workaholics, but now that's all behind her and she's ready to tackle the industry.

In the below interview, Mia and I talk about her introduction to the business, her interesting time spent in Romania filming THEY'RE WATCHING (gotta love the European bar scene!), her fondness for Julia Robert and her go-to karaoke song.

Where did you grow up and when did you move to L.A.?

I grew up in Marin County which is in Northern California, and I sort of bounced around a little growing up. I lived in Columbus, Ohio for a bit, then we moved to Orange County when I was in high school.

Did you move there knowing you were going to be acting, was it what you always wanted to do?

Yeah, my dream school was always UCLA so I always intended to apply there when I graduated high school to pursue my dream of acting. My family got me into musical theater as early as I could remember, I always loved to sing and dance. Dance competitions, children's choirs and all that jazz. It wasn't until I actually started studying at UCLA that I realized I'd want to gear myself more toward film.

Was there an alternate path for you, or were you dead set on being an actor?

I always figured if there was something else I was supposed to do, it would come along. But for now this is the only passion I'm pursuing.

What would you be doing if you weren't acting?

If money wasn't involved I would spend every second of my time traveling, enjoying nature, hiking, kayaking and all those outdoorsy things. I would probably discover a job I could travel around the world doing.

How did you get involved with They're Watching, which is a fun, crazy movie. It seems like it might have been a little crazy to film, too.

Actually, I don't know if I'm allowed to tell this story, but I'm going to. [Laughs] I had an internship at the casting office and they were casting this film, and I was reading over the script and realizing I'd be perfect for the role of Sarah. I very shyly asked the casting director if he thought there was a possibility for me doing a pre-read for the role. And he was very hesitant about the idea of giving an intern the chance to audition but he said yes, but later the directors said they thought I was perfect for it. I ended up booking the role.

Had that occurred to you to do that before, ask about a role?

No no, I was very practical about asking for roles because I knew I was there to be an intern and help out and not take all the roles for myself. But I was a blond intern, they were casting for a blond intern, I thought I had to at least ask.

But you had been acting before that, right?

Yeah, you know during college I wasn't sure where I would fit in the spectrum of filmmaking, if I was always going to do acting or if I wanted to be producing or directing, so a casting internship was a really eye-opening step for my whole filmmaking experience.

Where did you shoot They're Watching?

We flew to Romania, we spent a month in Bucharest.

Did you have any interesting run-ins with the locals as your characters do?

[Laughs] That was kind of the joke about this entire experience for everyone involved, it's a found footage film about filmmakers shooting a film in Romania, and there we were, filmmakers shooting a film in Romania. So everything we shot felt perfectly natural because we were having those experiences ourselves, with the exception of some of the thriller-related events at the end. Discovering the food and the community and the people and the language, it was all very accurate to what we were actually going through.

Did you enjoy those experiences?

Oh yes. The second I got this role I took a quarter off from school to fly to Romania to shoot this film, so it was a dream come true for me. From the moment I turned in my final paper on Jane Austen I was off on an airplane and ready for anything. And I wasn't 21-years-old yet, so I was very much enjoying the European bar scene. [Laughs] And everyone involved with this film has such great personalities and senses of humor, it was a relatively small cast so we all got to know each other really well; I made some incredible friendships.

You didn't get into any trouble there, did you?

[Laughs] No, definitely not.

Is this the kind of movie you'd watch if you weren't in it?

Yeah, definitely! I think they did an incredible job with the trailer, when I saw that I wanted to see the movie all over again, I wish I hadn't known the ending. My mom loved horror films so I've seen quite a few through the years. I always think I want to see them and then I have nightmares about them afterward. Maybe I don't enjoy them as much as I think. This one's pretty unique because there's a lot of comedy, the rhythm is so unique because one minute you're laughing and the next you're getting the crap scared out of you.

Were your folks supportive of your decision to go into acting?

Yeah, they've always good about that. Of course, they still wanted me to get an education and have a good head on my shoulders and make the right decisions, but I don't think they had a doubt I would end up alright.

Is there any particular actor or actress you'd love to work with?

Oh sure, I really have a lot of role models. I think Julia Roberts is the most incredible actress I've ever seen, to be able to watch her perform would be a dream come true.

Who's your all time celebrity crush?

Ohh! I think this is a new development, but I'm currently obsessed with James Corden and his car pool karaoke. It's hilarious.

Would that be something you'd like to be a part of? What would be your song?

Yeah, I think that would be so fun. Although I don't think I could hold a candle to all his celebrity guests. I always liked I Will Survive, I think that's a nice, dramatic song for karaoke night.

Not bad at all! Thank you for your time, good luck with everything!

Thank you!

THEY'RE WATCHING is on VOD right now; the official site can be found HERE. You can follow Mia on Instagram HERE.  

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