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The Hottie Stop Interviews Malin Akerman, Star of The Final Girls!

10.05.2015by: JimmyO

In the new feature THE FINAL GIRLS, directed by Todd Strauss-Schulson, we see what it takes to survive a night of murderous mayhem. And thankfully, this comedic horror flick has a ton more to offer than just a cheap slasher. The writing is solid and the performances are terrific. And one of my favorite aspects of the film is the lovely Malin Akerman who plays a dual role, one is the mother to Taissa Farming and the other, a character she portrayed in a cheesy horror flick.

So much can be said about Ms. Akerman. This incredibly talented actress also happens to be one of the most beautiful women in film. She exudes charm anytime she is on-screen, and that is certainly true here. Even better is the fact that she really is as cool as you would hope. When we spoke to her for this weeks Hottie Stop, we chatted music, final girls and what to do in New Orleans. Malin Akerman is the real deal, and she is fantastic in THE FINAL GIRLS which opens this Friday in limited release as well as VOD.

This is a phenomenal performance.

Oh that’s so sweet.

I can’t remember the last time I saw a horror movie and I got teary-eyed.

[Laughing] Alright! Yeah! I agree. I gotta say that I think this is a really great film. I’m really proud of it. I’ve never really seen anything quite like it. So I agree with you, I’m on your side on this one. It’s nice to have a little bit of everything in it. It’s got laughs, scares and tears.

I did not expect the emotional punch that it had, and credit should go to you and Taissa Farmiga.

Thank you. Yeah, it was one of the things that initially attracted me to the film, the mother and daughter relationship. It is at the core of the film and it is so grounding and beautiful, it makes it that extra bit special. And Taissa is such a good actress. Working with her and creating a relationship with her is easy. I think we fed off each other quite well, and the result was really good. I was pretty excited.

Did you ever think of  yourself as a “final girl” in a horror film?

Nope [Laughing]. Especially because I am not a horror film girl at all. I don’t have the stomach for it. So the thought of being in a film about being a final girl never crossed my mind. But this was such and innovative way of doing it, so I was all on-board. 

So you get squeamish with horror films?

Oh yeah. I can’t sleep. I really love the good ones, the classics like THE SHINING or CARRIE, but they just haunt me. I’m just one of those people. I don’t know, call me sensitive but it’s just not my jam. I can’t do it.

For this movie you were kind of in the middle of nowhere right? What do you do to have fun and chill out and get away from everything?

Oh we had some fun. We really were in the middle of nowhere to be honest with you. And where we were staying was sort of this gated area. So we would hang out in each others apartments and cook dinners and do game nights and things like that. And there were a couple of weekends where we would hit up New Orleans. Actually I celebrated my birthday there. So I organized a dinner and everyone came and we had a big night out in New Orleans. We always figured out a way to have fun. [They are] a pretty lively group.

I love New Orleans. What is your favorite place to go there?

Oh, I love New Orleans. Well, anything on Frenchmen Street is just grand. And it is such good music. But Bacchanal’s is this great little restaurant where you walk in, and it looks like a wine shop. You buy a bottle of wine, and walk through the kitchen and back into the courtyard. And there is always live music and you order some great New Orleans food. You sit back there and jam some music. But there are so many places. I think I went to the Kingfish about a million times. Everywhere you go, the food is just decadent and delicious. The music is just beautiful and it rings in your ears for weeks. I love jazz and blues. It’s my favorite.

I was gonna say, there is that one song that pops up in the movie, “Bette Davis Eyes” by Kim Carnes. Were you really a fan of that tune?

I had heard the song before, but I didn’t know the singer. No I wasn’t familiar with her at all. But what a frickin’ amazing song, and it fit so well. You couldn’t have chosen a better song for that. I’m a new fan.

What other kinds of music do you like? Because you were in a band if I’m not mistaken.

I was. I was in a band a long, long time ago [Laughing]. That only lasted like a year, a year and a half, and it was a blast. But I grew up on rock and roll. Anything from Metallica, AC/DC, Led Zeppelin, anything rock and roll related. That is what pulls on my heartstrings. And The Black Keys now. Broken Bells. There is a bunch of new stuff that I love. But I do always revert to the oldies back from growing up. Nirvana. The Doors. That’s just kind of where I live. And of course if you are at a dance party then I love all these cool new dance songs like “Milky Chance” so it just depends on the mood. But for the most part, if you ask me what my love is, it’s rock and roll. 

Same here. Although I grew up on country.


Yeah, because my mom is from Tennessee, so it was a lot of Johnny Cash and Patsy Cline.

That’s awesome. And Johnny Cash is like, well he is country, but his music is really appealing to most. And he’s got a rock and roll vibe to him as well. He is not full on country. I don’t think anyway.

I agree. I think he is about as rock and roll as you get.

Yeah, exactly. I love Cash.

You’ve got good taste by the way.

Thanks. So do you [Laughing].

You mentioned dance music. Did you ever do the club thing? Or do you still do that?

I did do the club thing for sure. Even did the rave thing for a short minute there, when I was a teenager.


I’ve done everything. Anything from live concerts to bonfires out in orchards with rock and roll blaring from a truck, as well as getting into the dance scene. And I love dancing, so it was so much fun. But for the most part we were always out looking for a great bar where there was live music. That was always my favorite. And nowadays, dinners are my thing. I don’t go out dancing very often. But, if you end up in a cool spot with good music, I will dance the night away for sure. I don’t do that as much nowadays because I’m a mom and I have to get up early, I can’t stay out too late anymore.

Doesn’t that change your life completely on every level?

Yes! Every level! In the most amazing way, but it throws you for a loop the first couple months because you are like, ‘Okay, my life is no longer mine. It belongs to this child now.’ [Laughing] And then after awhile you start to thank the lord above and you are like, ‘Thank you that it belongs to this child…’ because I’m just like, calmed down and focused and everything fits in place. My values are in the right place and my focus is in the right place. It’s just a beautiful thing. I love it. 

Being a dad myself, I also feel like you learn patience. You don’t get upset about certain things like you used to.

Yeah, and you probably get upset about things that you never used to get upset about [Laughing]. And then you are going, ‘Oh my God, I am THAT dad’ or ‘I am THAT mom doing exactly what I used to make fun of other moms doing’ whatever it is. But yeah, it’s interesting, everything shifts.

Now being in a movie called FINAL GIRLS, did you ever have a favorite “scream queen” or “final girl” growing up? Or did you mainly avoid them?

I did mainly avoid them, but of course, there was ALIENS. So Sigourney Weaver was a great one, I guess if you can call her a scream queen. She’s pretty badass. But other than that, I didn’t really grow up on horror films so I think I’d be the worst person to ask who their favorite final girl was… [Laughing] Taissa Farmiga!

She was so great in American Horror Story, I loved her in that.

She is an amazing performer. She is one to watch. I think she is just going to skyrocket.

Yeah, apparently that family has a little talent.

Ya think?! [Laughing] 

Just a little right?


Growing up did you want to be an actress or was it a toss up between music and acting?

Definitely not. I didn’t. I was always, I guess, in the world or in the realm because as a kid I did a couple of catalogue photo shoots a year, maybe a commercial a year. So I was always in the world, but it was always a side job to make some money. It was fun and all that kinds of stuff. But I at one point wanted to be an astronaut. I was a professional figure skater. I competed nationally, and I was doing that for about twelve years. And I thought I was going to go to the Olympics and become a figure skater. And then it shifted to psychology. I started studying psychology at a university in hopes to become a child psychologist. So there have been many levels, but never a moment throughout that time where I was serious about becoming an actress as a living. And then once I hit university and I started getting small roles in TV shows and stuff, that’s when I started realizing that this is kind of great, and I’m gonna take a break from school because I’m kind of burned out. And it just became what it is today, which is amazing. Lo and behold I haven’t been back to school. [Laughing] I never finished my degree. So it was kind of a natural and organic way of getting into it.

Well I think you’ve done pretty well, I don’t think you need that degree at this point.

[Laughing] Yeah, I think I’m alright. If anything it will be a fallback or something, like a ten month course. I probably won’t do the four year course at university.

Who were some of the actresses before you that you idolized, if any?

One of my favorites has been Susan Sarandon throughout the years. I just think she is so magnificent to watch. Growing up, my mom loved her and I think you are getting influenced by what your parents watched when you’re younger. She was definitely a big one. And funnily enough, Steve Martin was one of our favorites in the house. But now, going through years of being in this business and watching other actresses, I think some of my favorites are Tilda Swinton and Cate Blanchett. I think that there are so many magnificent actresses working nowadays who have been around and are doing really cool work. Tilda Swinton is one of those that you never know what she is gonna do and she is f*cking brilliant in everything she does. It is so cool and unique and I just love her.

What is coming up for you next, what can we look forward to?

Well you can look forward to in January of next year, there is a little TV show that I’m doing for Showtime called Billions with Paul Giamatti and Damian Lewis. I’ve been here in New York filming that since July, and we are going until December. And it comes out in January. So that will be the next thing to look out for.

Well thank you so much, you are always a pleasure.

Thank you, it was nice chatting with you.

Be sure to check out THE FINAL GIRLS starring the lovely Malin Akerman, this Friday in theatres or on VOD. And for more on the awesomely gorgeous Ms. Akerman, you can check out her Instagram, Facebook and Twitter page. I highly recommend it!

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