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The Hottie Stop interviews Lorenza Izzo, star of The Stranger and The Green Inferno!

06.22.2015by: Eric Walkuski

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Lorenza Izzo is a Chilean born model and actress best known to U.S. audiences for her turns in Hemlock Grove, AFTERSHOCK and SEX ED... as well as two highly-anticipated films that haven't even been released yet: the long-delayed (but recently saved) cannibal epic THE GREEN INFERNO and the Keanu Reeves-led KNOCK KNOCK. (Both films were directed by her now-husband Eli Roth.) Discovered only four years ago by her countryman Nicolas Lopez (for a movie called F*CK MY WEDDING!), Lorenza is making quite an impression in a short amount of time in the horror-thriller genres... but don't call her a scream queen just yet.

I spoke to Lorenza about the new movie she's in, THE STRANGER, which was indeed produced by hubby Eli, as well as her aversion to the very movies that she's currently becoming known for, her Chilean pride, her love of extreme sports and what she would be doing if she wasn't in the biz.


Let's get right to it. Tell me about The Stranger and the character you play in it.

Well, Guillermo Ameodo has written projects I've been in before, he wrote The Green Inferno and Aftershock, so I was really interested in working with him as a director. The script was really interesting, it wasn't really a new take on vampire movies, but a new take on how a virus might end the world, and how this man might try to save it. It's about a man who comes to this town looking for his wife, only to find out his wife is gone. I play his wife, and my character sets off all of the events in the movie, so it's kind of a small part but also kind of a big one. It was a fun part to play, I'm always down to play a dark vampire mother character. [Laughs]

Now we've seen you in a lot of horror movies and thrillers, are you a fan of those genres?

Actually no, I'm the opposite. [Laughs] It's the way my life has worked out. Nicolas Lopez discovered me when I was 19 and he put me in one of his romantic comedies. I've been in a few romantic comedies, but I'm just more known for the horror movies. The movie is called F*ck My Wedding and it's kind of what made me known in Chile, and after it was really successful he went on to do Aftershock with Eli Roth. I had a small part in it and it was in Spanish and I came in one day and said hi to Eli and the whole team's jaws drop, no one knew I could speak English. So I ended up getting one of the leads and it opened up new doors. I went and shot a pilot for NBC that didn't get picked up, and then I went and made Green Inferno with Nicolas and Eli. I also recently did a romantic comedy with Haley Joel Osment that is now on Netflix, so I am in other things, not all horror, but it's just the way things happened. I'm venturing out more and more, I'm slowly but surely trying all sorts of things, I'm not just down for one genre or another.

I have to say, though, I like making horror movies, but I'm terrified of watching them.


That always seems to be the case, I talk to a lot of actresses who are in horror movies and they all say they like making them but can't watch them.

Exactly! Genre movies usually get a bad rap, but it's quite the opposite, you get a range to play with and explore, emotionally and physically. They're very draining movies to shoot; even The Stranger. I'm not in that many scenes, but it was at night, it was freezing cold. I'm all for that, I was taught in an industry that was a lot smaller than Hollywood, so I didn't even know what a trailer, so I'm always down for something cool and gritty. It's fun making them, but if I'm not in it and know exactly what went on, I'm terrified. You will never see me at a horror movie unless I'm in it.

Are you a believer in the supernatural?

You know, my grandmother always told me I should be more afraid of the living than the dead. It's very good advise. Religious things really freak me out, like The Exorcist took me so long to watch it. I saw it when I was 18 and the effects were a little outdated, but I was still terrified. The supernatural I don't really buy it at all, but there's something about religion that kind of scares me. 


Do you go back to Chile very often? What were some of the major adjustments you had to make when you moved to the U.S?

Chile is a very particular country. It's very small, but there's a huge feeling of belonging to it; if you ask anyone who's left, they miss it so much. For me, it was hard, it took me a long time to get used to not being in Chile. I go back as often as possible, but it's such a long flight and I'm just trying to make it out here, so I need to be here for when the opportunities come. I've been lucky enough that I have this Chile-wood team that gets three movies done a year, so sometimes I get to go back, last year I went back three times. But this year, I haven't been back since December, and I don't think I'll be able to go back until Christmas. It's about to get really busy with the releases of all these movies.

I read that you're a big fan of extreme sports.

I am! Growing up in school I was so lazy, I hated sports because I wasn't good at team sports. At my school they played grass hockey and volleyball, and I just thought they were so lame. [Laughs] I had a really cool dad who bought us skateboards and took us rock-climbing, so I started venturing more and more into boy sports. I love mountain biking, I love water skiing, kite surfing. All the sports I'm not allowed to do when I sign a contract. [Laughs] In the industry we're in, you get so lost in what's important, and I think outdoor sports give you such a refresh button of what being close to nature can give you. I really want to do that forever and always. Being close to nature and feeling adrenaline is really important to me.

Do you ever think about what might have been if you hadn't gotten into the entertainment industry?

Oh my god, so many times. I always think of that. The fun thing about being an actress is you get to play in all these different realities, it's such a fun job, I think any actor will agree with that. But I think I would have loved to be a chef, I really love cooking. Either that or I would have owned a restaurant or hotel. I'm big on hosting, big on having friends over, big on parties. Growing up in my country, Sunday lunches would start at 2 p.m. and would go all the way until dinnertime, so there's something about that that's really close to my heart. I also love design and fashion, but that's more of an appreciation and hobby than something I actually would have made money at, I think. [Laughs]


 If you're hosting a party, what do you make?

Okay, if I'm doing a smaller party I make this amazing Chilean fish stew, and it's to die for. I'm really good at making fish. At night, I'm really good at making cheese plates, and I make a mean, mean chicken stew.

Maybe you should open up a restaurant after all.

Right? Maybe I will.

Thanks very much for your time; good luck with everything. And congrats on The Green inferno finally getting a new release date.

Oh my god, thanks so much. We're really excited and happy it's finally coming out.


You can follow Lorenza on Twitter right HERE and Instagram HERE. THE STRANGER is currently available on VOD.  

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