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The Hottie Stop interviews Ksenia Solo, star of Pet, Orphan Black and Turn

11.28.2016by: Eric Walkuski

In the last few years, Ksenia Solo has established herself as a fan favorite on television for her memorable roles on shows like Lost Girl, Orphan Black and Turn: Washington Spies. Now her admirers are going to see a much different side to her in the new thriller PET, in which she plays a woman who is kidnapped by an unhinged former acquaintance (Dominic Monaghan)... and who turns out to be a very unusual hostage indeed. Though she's been working steadily for years, PET has all the hallmarks of a breakout role for the beautiful Latvian-Canadian actress, as she easily steals the entire movie with a performance that is intense, clever and frequently frightening! (Check out the trailer HERE.)

Thankfully, when you talk to her in person she proves to be quite lovely. Ksenia and I spoke about the experience of making PET, how her life has changed thanks to her growing fan base, what she wants to work on that she hasn't had a chance to yet, and more!

What was your first reaction when you read the PET script, did it seem like it would be a daunting project to make?

I was really fascinated by the script that Jeremy Slater had wrote. I was warned that this was going to be one of the darkest scripts that I had probably ever read. I received the script and I thought, "I've read a lot of horror films a lot of thrillers. Okay, let's see". I was immediately hooked. The role of Holly was so fascinating and so complex and I just thought, "I have to do this".

When you were reading it were you able to picture yourself in that role and doing the things that Holly does?

Not immediately. I think I was very ... It scared me, but that's usually always a tell-tale sign that I need to do something.

What was the atmosphere like one set, especially working with Dominic?

Dominic is so awesome in every way. Not only did I adore him as a person but I think he's a very gifted actor. He definitely brought out the best in me. As with most indie films, you're often times dealing with not a huge budget and not a lot of time and we had a lot we had to film in 22 days. It was a very grueling process, but our director, Carles Torrens was a great leader and we were all so passionate about the scripts and excited about making this story come to life. We had a lot of fun doing it under fairly difficult circumstances.

I can imagine. You mentioned getting a lot of horror movie scripts and that kind of thing, is that a genre that you're interested in or are a fan of in general?

To be honest with you I'm a bit of a scaredy-cat when it comes to horror films. I'm definitely not running to the movie theater to watch the next scary movie. What I'm attracted to is great scripts and this on was undeniably different than any other horror/thriller that I had read for myself before. Also, Holly is not your typical horror movie victim character. We may think that way about her when the movie starts but we quickly learn that it's not what we were expecting at all. I think all those factors attracted me specifically to this one.

Yeah, I think she's going to be a pretty popular character among the fans of the genre. Speaking of fans of the genre, you obviously have been on some very popular TV shows and I know you have a lot of fans from all those shows. What has your life been like since being on Lost Girl and Orphan Black and Turn? Has your life changed with all of that visibility?

I would say what's changed is my fan base. I am incredibly grateful to have been on these shows that seem to have a very big outreach. I think it's really incredible when you get to meet fans from all over the world who are fans of the show you're on, or fans of your work, who also support things that you do outside of your television work. In that sense, it's been really amazing to have this whole new group of friends, in a way. At least that's what it feels like when I get to meet them. Also, I'm a fan of the shows that I have been on. I feel lucky in that regard, as well. TV has really become a different kind of beast from what it used to be. I look back and I don't even realize how long I've been doing it for. In terms of being in the TV world, I think I started when I was 10. I had my first guest star role and then I started my own journey on a TV series when I was 14. It's crazy to think that I've spent the better part of my career on a television set.

Yeah, absolutely. Talking about interacting with the fans, are they very generous to you? Are they always nice or do you have the fans that take it all too seriously?

I will say that I am so grateful. Like I said, it's because I have a fan base that not only supports my work as an actor but they support the things that I do outside of that. I work with an anti-bullying organization called Stand for the Silent and I get to talk to a lot of fans of Orphan Black and of Lost Girl about bullying and how it's affected them. Everyone has been incredibly supportive and kind. Yes, there are a few people who are sometimes upset with me, "Why has this happened?" or "Why'd that happen?", "Where is Shay on Orphan Black and what are her true intentions?", "Is Kensie dead, is she coming back?" I totally understand where they're coming from because I myself am a fan of TV and sometimes you have a lot of unanswered questions. Here you get to, in my case, meet me and ask them so I understand the tenacity of some people. I have to say I have a pretty wicked fan base.

In those cases you just have to be like, "Well, I'm the wrong person to ask".

Yeah, I'm like, "Sorry. Unfortunately I don't make those decisions and half the time I don't even know what's going on. If you could tell me that would be really appreciate that".

You've been in so many different genres and types of shows and movies, is there anything that you haven't done yet that you're really looking forward to doing?

I'm really looking forward to doing and action film one day. I love doing stunt work. I have a dance background and I love being able to be physical in my work. I would also love to do a historical drama. I do a TV show now called Turn and I get to play a historical figure. It's the first time that I've done that. It's endlessly interesting and fascinating. I would love to be able to do that again and do it on a cinematic scale. How can you go wrong? I think everyone likes to walk around putting on an accent and saying [in British accent] "I'm in a costume drama."

PET hits theaters and VOD on December 2nd. You can follow Ksenia on Twitter HERE and Instagram HERE.

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