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The Hottie Stop interviews Keeley Hazell, model and star of Awful Nice

03.03.2014by: Eric Walkuski

Keeley Hazell is a British model perhaps best known for being a "Page 3 girl" and for her many appearances in UK men's magazines Zoo Weekly and Nuts. Chances are if you've spent any time surfing the net looking at pretty girls (and you most certainly have!), you've laid eyes upon her incredibly lovely form.

Now chances are even better that'll you get to see her in motion soon, with a comedic turn as a Russian mob moll (who happens to be British) in the indie flick AWFUL NICE, which is currently available on VOD. I had an opportunity to talk with the wonderful English gal about her new project, her attempt at adopting a Russian accent, and her proclivity toward binge eating cupcakes. (Oh, and you'll be blown away by her choices for "celebrity crush.")

How did you get involved with Awful Nice? Did you have to audition?

I actually didn't, which is a true luxury. The casting director was familiar with some of my work and put my name in with a few other actresses, and ended up picking me. And I was like, great! They said you've got the part and I said, this is how it should work! (Laughs)

Tell me about the character you play?

I play Petra, who was originally supposed to be Russian, but I'm very British which kind of changed things. She's ends up in this bizarre place, involved with a Russian gang. She's very kind of open, sexually. She could possibly be a hooker, but I think it's more that she's very independent. But she's a very fun girl who happens to hang out with a lot of Russian gangsters.

I don't think that's something you can relate to, right?

That's my life, I'm always hanging out with Russian gangsters.

Would you say you share any character traits with Petra?

Other than being English, not particularly. (Laughs) We're quite different people.

Did you attempt a Russian accent when you first got the role?

I actually did. When the casting director first told me the character was Russian I thought, I'm not sure I can do this accent, but I really wanted to play the part. I spent a day learning how to do a Russian accent. Actually, looking back on it I should have taken the risk with it, but I was like, Oh I don't even want to do it because I haven't had the time to prep.

Do you think comedy might end up being your strong suit if you make the permanent move into film?

Um, well I'm really not very funny. (Laughs) When I first started acting, I wanted to do serious roles. I wanted to cry and be Meryl Streep. But then everyone was telling me I should do comedy, and I was like, No, I want to be a serious actress! But I really enjoyed doing the comedy stuff, and that's what I've been steering towards now. It's very odd, but I do enjoy that.

Is a sense of humor important to you?

Yes, definitely! I don't understand people who don't have a sense of humor. I'm very sarcastic, so I think it's quite hard people for take, especially those people who aren't very humorous.

You've been an incredibly famous model for several years, routinely landing on Sexiest Women in the world lists, is there a part of you that wants to break away from that image?

Definitely. It's like what I just said about wanting to be a serious actress, it's because I wanted to get away from that. It's like if you're an actor and you're known for only one genre of movie and you want to move onto something else, I can relate to that. I think now… now I'm getting old. (Laughs) So part of me is done with that.

If you weren't going to be a model or an actress, what would your ideal job be?

God, this is a tough question. I'd like to say brain surgeon, but I'm not going to say brain surgeon. Maybe like a CEO of a company?

You obviously take great care of yourself, what do you do to stay in shape?

Thank you! I actually don't work out!

Oh, well that's good to hear.

I've been very fortunate that I've never had to work out, having this career as a model. As I get older I try to eat better.

What's your "cheat" food, or guilty pleasure?

Ooh. In-N-Out Burger is definitely on the list. Cupcakes, too. I craved one of those yesterday but stopped myself. If I start eating something I can't stop, so if I had that one cupcake I would have then eaten ten. It's just how I am.

I can relate. If you could spend one whole day with a famous person, either celebrity or historical figure, who would it be? 

Do they have to be alive? It would be between John Lennon and Steve Jobs. But somebody who is alive now… Meryl Streep comes to mind.

Who is your celebrity crush?

Spike Jonze! Well, I have three celebrity crushes, and they're really bizarre. Louis C.K., I have a crush on him. And Adam Driver from "Girls." But Spike Jonze is my number one.

Have you ever tried to pass that info along to him?

I actually think he might know! I think the information has been passed along, so I may be Mrs. Jonze in the future. (Laughs)

What else do you have coming up in addition to AWFUL NICE?

I just shot a part in HORRIBLE BOSSES 2, I'm excited about that. Small role, but fun. It was great working with the guys in that.

Thank you very much for your time, and perhaps if I talk to you again I'll be calling you Mrs. Jonze.

Yes! Thank you, Eric!

You can find more Keeley goods right HERE. AWFUL NICE is currently available on VOD and hits theaters on March 7th; check out its Facebook page HERE.

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