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The Hottie Stop interviews Katrina Law star of Arrow and Death Valley!

09.28.2015by: Eric Walkuski

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New Jersey native Katrina Law is currently kicking all kinds of ass on The CW's hit superhero show Arrow, in which she plays the very formidable Nyssa al Ghul. She had already earned fanboy cred a few years ago thanks to her role as Mira in Spartacus: War of the Damned, and this October she'll be seen surviving the harshest of elements in Death Valley, a thriller set in the titular desert. In the film, four strangers accidentally hit a woman with their car and subsequently must decide what to do with the body; furthermore, they learn their problems are only just beginning. Nothing's ever easy.  

I recently spoke to Katrina, who was comfortably nestled in a parking lot in Ohio, about the upcoming film, as well as her favorite (and least favorite) things about being an actress, her stint as a stand-up comic, and her feelings toward the very passionate comic book fans out there.

Thanks for taking the time to talk today. How is everything?

Good, I'm in the middle of a parking lot. [Laughs] So if you hear a lot of cars go by, that's why.

That's a new one, don't think I've ever spoken to an actress in a parking lot before.

Well, you're welcome!

Tell me about your role in Death Valley.

I play Annie Gunn, she's a young starlet who moves out to Hollywood with a hope and a dream. Unbeknownst to the man she seduces, she's struggling and basically failing, so she gloms on to this man and wants to get a career out of it because he's one of the biggest producers in town.

That part of it aside, can you relate to her at all, are you a like in any way?

I definitely share the ambition and drive, and the hopes and dreams that brought me out to California to pursue acting. Thankfully, it stops there, because I'm not willing to sell out or marry a producer to get what I want. [Laughs] Even if my career wasn't taking off, I don't think I'd take that route. But in terms of being ambitious, I definitely share that with her.

What was it like shooting in Death Valley, was it hotter than hell?

It actually wasn't that hot because we shot in the wintertime; I think if we had shot during the summer the entire cast would be dead. Somebody had the foresight to shoot in the winter. There were actually a couple times when we'd wake up during the morning and it was freezing, and then of course by midday it was hot again. At the end of it, we ended up having a snowstorm and a rainstorm, which I think was the first time it had snowed or rained in Death Valley in years. Thankfully, it happened at the end, and it was almost like the universe was working with us because we had this dramatic scene on top of a mountain, so of course the wind was kicking up and the clouds were rolling in. It kind of worked in our favor. 

Are you a warm or cold weather person?

I think I'm more of a cold weather person. I like having the option of bundling up rather than sitting in sweltering heat without having the option of taking my clothes off. [Laughs]

I know you're originally an east coaster, do you ever make it back to New Jersey?

I go back to visit family and friends twice a year; I think it's important to go home and remember where you came from. It also helps to clear your head because L.A. can be a little crazy.

Did you always know you wanted to be an actress and move to L.A.?

When I was younger, I wanted to be a cardiologist, I wanted to be a police officer, and I also went to school for marine biology, so there were no plans of being an actor. I sang and I danced growing up, and then one day when I was in college, I landed the role of Cathy in A Chorus Line and I absolutely fell in love with it. It was the first time I felt genuinely, 100% happy with what I was doing. So I switched my major to theater. When I told my parents that, my mom, god bless her soul, was like, "Oh thank god, we thought you were going to be a scientist!" [Laughs] They were super supportive. I love the exploration of the characters, I love how you have to find out more about yourself in order to find out more about others. I love giving the audience an hour and a half of escapism.

What's your least favorite thing about being an actor?

I think it's the not knowing if or when you're going to have another job, where your paycheck is going to come from. [Laughs]

If you hadn't pursued acting, what do you think you'll be doing right now?

I would probably be on a boat researching sharks. [Laughs]

Have you had any moments during your career where you've thought, "Why am I doing this?"

There haven't been moments where I asked why am I doing this, there have been moments where I've asked myself should I be doing this. You know, you go through a drought where you don't work, or a job comes down yo you and another person and it doesn't go your way. There's a lot of stamina involved being an artist, no matter what field it is. It's about all these different factors that you really have no control over.

It looks like you've tried some stand-up comedy in your time, what was that like?

[Laughs] Doing stand-up was one of the most rewarding things I've ever done in my life. I get to write my own material, pick my own topics, everything is in my control. Fortunately, I had some really great nights where the audience responded, and it's just rewarding. The high you get when you're on stage and you've had a successful show, there's nothing else like it. On the flip side, if they don't laugh, you can actually see your soul departing your body. I've acted, I've danced, but I think stand-up comedy is probably the hardest thing I've actual done.

What has been your personal favorite working experience so far?

When it comes to just having fun on set and working with good people, I think Death Valley might be my favorite, because it was just working with friends and family, it's one of my most treasured experiences. Spartacus was fantastic, it was the first time I lived abroad and I still have friends from taht show; it started my career, so I'm eternally grateful for that. Arrow is great, I get to be a part of the whole DC comic world, need I say more?

Arrow obviously has a very passionate fanbase, have they treated you kindly?

The DC fans are amazing, actually comic book fans in general are just so passionate, I love them all. They've really embraced my character, Nysaa al Ghul, who really wasn't that well known in the DC universe, and they've really enjoyed the interpretation that the Arrow writers and producers have given her. I'm honored, it's great to be a part of.

DEATH VALLEY comes out on October 20th, check out its official Facebook page HERE. You can follow Katrina on Twitter HERE and Instagram HERE.

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