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The Hottie Stop Interviews Jamie Chung Star of Hulu's Resident Advisors!

04.13.2015by: JimmyO

Jamie Chung is the real deal. She is the perfect mix of sexy and sweet, with a ton of smarts thrown in. She starred in BIG HERO 6, SUCKER PUNCH, THE HANGOVER PART II and PART III, THE MAN WITH THE IRON FISTS, SIN CITY: A DAME TO KILL FOR as well as an arch as ‘Mulan’ on the hit television series Once Upon a Time. She was also a part of the Alfonso Cuaron/J.J. Abrams produced series Believe. And now she is back, and this time she has taken on a little more comedy with a leading role in the Hulu Original Series Resident Advisors, which is currently available.

Having had the opportunity to chat with the actress before, I was excited to sit down with her once again. Jamie is so damn beautiful, yet about a cool as you can imagine. During our conversation we discussed the new series, as well as her own college experiences over at UCR. We also talked about being on The Real World, Amish reality shows, and her favorite comic book character. And finally, we finished off this fun conversation talking about great places to eat in Los Angeles. You can catch the truly awesome Jamie Chung currently on Resident Advisors on Hulu.

Why a series? What brought you to Hulu and this show?

It’s rare that I ever get the opportunity to do comedy to be honest. My fear with television is that you don’t know the true evolution of a character. You can get lost, you can get written off. It takes twists and turns that are kind of unexpected. It’s kind of great, but it’s also great to be able to read all seven scripts in front of you, because they had all the scripts done before we started shooting. So in terms of the evolution of all the characters, of the storyline, where everyone moves and jives throughout the series, it was just so funny. And I’ve never had the chance to play a character like this. It was clear the way she started, and it was really fun to watch her evolve and loosen up, and have fun, and become one of the core members of the R.A. group. She was an outsider when she started with the R.A.’s. And you really see her have fun and really want acceptance, and to be accepted, and to hang with the guys. It’s a fun evolution. 

And plus commitment wise, you commit to a series you are gone for seven, eight or twelve months quite possibly, and you aren’t allowed to do anything else. With this show, they were like, we have less than a month to make it and we do seven episodes, it will be a hard shoot, are you down. And I was like, absolutely. The people involved, Ira [Ungerleider] and Natalia [Anderson], and the script was funny. There was a good pedigree, you know, Elizabeth Banks, such a great pedigree of comedienne’s were behind it.

How much of this character was drawn upon your own life? You did the college thing…

I did the college thing but I was nothing like my character Olivia, I was more like Doug Weiner. I was loose and fun, and whatever. It didn’t take me eight years to graduate [Laughing]. It’s so funny. I’m kind of like Olivia in a way, where I am not uptight, but I’m kind of OCD. You know, things have to be in a certain way, I want to get things done and I want to keep everyone on track. But in terms of her losing herself in episode four or five, that is nothing like me.

What was your best college experience?

I would say, joining a sorority. Because we went to UCR, Riverside, and there is really not much to do in that city. No offense.

Yeah. [Laughing]

But it was the camaraderie of the girls and we had such an eclectic group of girls, they were really talented. And we had something called “sports week.” This is when you play three different sports, it was flag football, softball and volleyball, and you played against all the other sororities. I’m super competitive and I like sports, so it was kind of perfect for me. But playing flag football was probably the best thing for me, playing against sorority girls.

What was the most challenging thing about being in a sorority?

Oh gosh, you know, we didn’t experience all the negative stereotypes. It really was a supportive group and it was quite normal. And it was diverse. I think the challenge was I was flying for work because I had just gotten off The Real World when I was in college. So I was traveling and doing all these silly appearances. But it was keeping up with my schoolwork. I was on the Dean’s List, I was doing great, so college life for me was a great experience. 

You really have to give yourself a ton of credit, because you don’t see a huge amount of success stories from The Real World…

I think there is. I feel like there are a lot of successful people that kind of spinoff and do their own thing. It’s all personal choice, you know.

Sure. But with you, honestly you don’t even think about it…

Well thank you. I shouldn’t have brought it up.


No, I’m so proud of my roots. I don’t care.

You should be. So looking back, do you feel that it was the best choice for you?

At the time it was. It was a once in a lifetime opportunity and a great life experience to have at such a young age. It was my sophomore year of college. I had just finished a year away from home and I was kind of finding my footing. To be thrown into such a specific group of people in terms of personalities, and to live at the house in San Diego, and experience that. It was fantastic. I wouldn’t change it if I had the chance.

Hell, I’m a little envious. I think that would’ve been kind of cool.

It’s a great experience. Now I think it has kind of turned into something which is a bit more entertaining, and less of a social experiment - actually, it is still a social experiment, it’s just a different one.

Yeah, now it has opened up as well. There is so much reality television. It’s insane. I’m sure they have an Amish dating show or something. [Laughing]

I think they do. [Laughing] There is Breaking Amish.

And they do have Amish Haunting.

They have Amish Mafia, they have Amish Haunting, there is Breaking Amish.

I’m not sure why Amish came to my head. [Laughing]

I know. [Laughing] Because it is fascinating.

You are living in Los Angeles right now correct?

Yeah, and we are officially bi-coastal right now. I just got a place in New York.

Which do you prefer? New York or LA?

I think I love both. You know, most of my friends and family are on the West Coast, so I love LA. I love the lifestyle and I love the weather. But I think it can get a bit overwhelming, and in a way sort of claustrophobic because of being in the business and being in LA. So it’s kind of a nice escape creatively to be thrown into a metropolitan, concrete jungle where it isn’t just about actors, and film, and TV. It’s more of an eclectic group of creative people that you surround yourself with in New York.

You’ve done quite a bit of “geek-centric” projects. Do you consider yourself a bit of a geek?

[Laughing] I think so. You know, I grew up reading comic books and loving the things that I loved. Yeah. I’m all about it. I think its a very positive thing. I’m proud to say that I am a geek.



Oh no doubt. Geeks are…

Taking over the world. [Laughing]

What is your favorite comic character?

I have to say I loved ‘Storm’ growing up. Because we collected “X-Men” comic books. I loved ‘Storm’ and you know, I used to always imagine being able to control the weather. Growing up in San Francisco, like the fog is rolling in and I’m like, I’m totally controlling this right now. [Laughing]

That’s awesome! [Laughing] Do you like the X-Men movies?

I love them! I think they are so creative. I love it, and I loved the last one.

I did too.

I really enjoyed the time lapses, and the jumping back and fourth, and the different characters. I thought it was fantastic.

Now you keep pretty busy with work, but what do you do for fun to balance it out?

I love… you know, I find it so hard to find the quality time with my friends and I just love doing that. I mean we are pretty chill. We love barbecuing, game nights, movies. We just got a puppy, so I’m always rushing home to try and train the dog. It’s a fun time.

Is this your first time as a dog owner?

As an adult. As a child I grew up with dogs, but it is such a big step for Bryan [Greenberg] and I. You know, we are engaged, we got ourselves our first child, a puppy, so it’s kind of great.

That’s cool. And it does change…

It changes your life. And I get it, I can see why they call it “baby in training.” And I think we both realized that, yeah, I don’t think we are ready for one yet. [Laughing] But we are good with the dog.

You’ve got time. Now game night… that intrigues me…

It’s fun. Cranium.


It’s my favorite. And then Bryan’s favorite is Trivial Pursuit. He loves that game. I’m pretty good at that one.

You studied economics right?

I did, yeah.

Pretty far from anything you are doing now. [Laughing]

Yeah, I don’t remember anything.

None of it stuck.

I mean, the courses you took, like Latin America History of Economics, I did not retain any of that information. [Laughing]

I do that, think back to what I learned in school and what I actually use now.

Exactly… Well no, I think in terms of work ethic, you know.

You’ve worked with some pretty amazing directors. Who are some of your personal favorites, the filmmakers you look at and say, yeah I want to work with them?

Well, I mean Alfonso Cuaron for the pilot of Believe. [It was] incredible working with him! And the actors and the people that he surrounds himself with on and off set, they are just so dedicated to their craft. Whether it is lighting or the director of photography, or being a grip, like literally everyone joined and signed up for the project because he was involved. Creatively it was such a pleasure working with him, because he knows the process of an actor. He wants magical and real moments to happen. And he really gives you an environment to explore that. It is so great working with him. And then Zack Snyder. They are both visionary directors and it’s fantastic. The list goes on, I’d love to work with J.J. Abrams. I’d love to work with Steven Spielberg. There are too many to name.

What about an actress that you’ve either girl crushed on or…

Idolized? There are so many. I love Anna Kendrick. I think she is so talented. I love Anne Hathaway. I think she is so versatile with her work. Meryl Streep obviously. She’s a huge one. But there are so many women that I look up to and their careers, and I’d love to follow in their path.

Now let’s back up a bit because you live in LA. You don’t do clubs, so where are some of your favorite places to go?

Okay let’s talk food.

I knew you were a "foodie!"

Love. Food. Well there is a place in Koreatown, it started… well there is one in Alhambra and San Gabriel Valley, and it’s the best Asian food that you can find. But this is more a Cajon style, crawfish, it’s shellfish, it’s called The Boil[ing Crab]. Everything comes in plastic bags, seasons perfectly, you throw everything on the table, throw back a beer, crack open some crawfish and shrimp and call it a night. So good. I mean, it takes a couple of days for the smell to get off your hands but I love it. There is also a great Korean restaurant called Dong II Jang, and it’s one of the oldest Korean BBQ houses. I think it started in 1952 or 42, but I’m leaning more towards 1952, but it is one of the best places for Korean barbecue. In terms of ambiance, I love Eveleigh. It’s right on Sunset and they’ve got a great indoor/outdoor patio in the back. And the food is pretty yummy.

How did you get into food like that?

I just love food. That’s what me and friends do, we’ll check out new restaurants. It’s how you enjoy yourself.

Jamie Chung is all sorts of awesome, and a huge thank you goes out to her for taking the time to talk with us. Make sure to keep up to date on Jamie by following her on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram. And of course, make sure you check out each and every episode of Resident Advisors currently available on Hulu!



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