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The Hottie Stop interviews Jacqueline M. Wood, host of E!'s Party On!

12.06.2013by: Eric Walkuski

Jacqueline M. Wood is the host of the new E! travel series "Party On", and yes, it's a series designed to make you simultaneously envious and giddy at the beautiful woman's international exploits. Described as a bold, fun VIP tour of the most sparkling party destinations on the planet, "Party On" sounds like the best gig in the world. To hear Jacqueline tell it, it surely is.

Jacqueline has a resume beyond party show host; she's been a fixture on the daytime soap "The Bold and the Beautiful", for which she's received two Daytime Emmy nominations, and a couple of years ago, she attempted to thwart death in FINAL DESTINATION 5 (she didn't succeed). She also notably appeared in the pilot episode of The CW's "Arrow". Read if you will her tales of having her naked body scrubbed by another woman, her terrifying death scene in the FINAL DESTINATION film, her extreme bridge jumps, and her surprising choice for Celebrity Crush.

How did you become involved with "Party On"?

I got a phone call from my agent that the people from the E! Network wanted to meet with me. One thing led to another and I was asked to audition for the producers. After they narrowed down the candidates, we did test scenes on Venice beach, CA. Luckily, the stars were aligned and I scored the host role!

What has been the coolest location you have visited so far?

All of the places I've traveled to have cool components, but Istanbul really has an incredible wow factor. I was very impressed how all the different cultures were so gracious and they intermingled with style and sophistication. Beautiful in every aspect.

Describe some of the crazier/weirder things you've seen during your travels...

While in Marrakech we had a communication issue at a spa, I thought I had requested a two hour massage. When I went in the room I was asked to disrobe, usually the attendant leaves first, but nope she stayed, which was awkward! After disrobing instead of asking me to lie down, she proceeded to scrub my entire body, wrapped me in saran wrap and left me on a bed. An hour later, still naked and saran wrapped, I managed to roll myself off the bed, swing the door open and hop down the hallway calling out for my girlfriend. I had booked the same thing for her and she also thought she was there to have a massage. What a sight we were!

I'll bet! What was the single scariest or exciting thing you've done as part of this show?

I certainly had many, but the extreme bridge jump really scared the hell out of me. I've always wanted to go skydiving, but something about silence and doing a free fall with a rope is terrifying. The instructor would tell me to "jump like I was jumping into a pool," I kept thinking to myself "or jumping into concrete and rocks and everything sharp on the bottom." That was by far the scariest part of the show.

This show aside, are you much of a party animal, or do you prefer a quiet night in?

48 hours of craziness is one thing, but to live like that daily would kill me. Just like everyone else, I have my vacation wild moments, the moderate fun nights and the super healthy quiet nights just curled up with a hot cup of green tea and good book.

You are also an acclaimed soap opera actress - tell us one or two things we don't know about working on a soap.

You get very little time to memorize your script and you don't get to do over your scene unless they want you to, so soap actors are really one to two take wonders, which is very tough!

In Final Destination 5, you had what looked like a very uncomfortable eye exam. What was shooting that like?

That was very hard! We were filming nights that week and I wore that contraption around my eye to keep it wide open for 6 hours straight while shooting those scenes of laser eye surgery. They actually froze my eye before I fell to my death in that scene. Ouch! I still cringe when watching Final Destination 5.

The tastiest food you've eaten for Party On?

I couldn't pick just one. Truffle Pizza at Villa Romano in St Tropez is out of this world. When in Marrakech the influence of French cuisine and Moroccan spices is to die for. The fish in Sardinia and Hvar is so fresh and so good. I could go on and on about the food!

How about the best drink?

Fresh smoothies in the morning in Mykonos. Heirbas in Ibiza to soothe your stomach and also give you a nice buzz. When in Sardinia, must go wine tasting.

What's your favorite current television show?

American Horror Story and Homeland are my favorite television shows. I'm also obsessed with the Nat Geo and ID Networks.

Best movie you've seen in 2013?

Just watched Catching Fire and really enjoyed it.

Finally, who is your celebrity crush?

Anderson Cooper. I love the way he gets into giggle fits on-air. He is just the coolest guy on TV!

Check out "Party On" on E! Thursdays at 10pm! You can keep tabs on Jacqueline by following her on Twitter HERE.

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