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The Hottie Stop interviews actress Leven Rambin from The Hunger Games and Chasing Mavericks

03.22.2013by: Eric Walkuski

For a short while, Leven Rambin was a ďwild childĒ socialite who youíd be more likely to see in the gossip column than on a movie site. Being the granddaughter of the former president of Texaco will have that effect. But lately, Leven (which means ďLifeĒ in Dutch, in case you were wondering) is making a name for herself as an actress, appearing in shows like ďCSI: MiamiĒ and ďThe Sarah Connor ChroniclesĒ, as well as a little film called THE HUNGER GAMES, in which she played the villainous Glimmer. (You also might recognize her from our 2012 list of Up-and-Coming Hotties .)

Most recently, Leven was seen in the surfing drama CHASING MAVERICKS, co-starring Gerard Butler. I had an opportunity to chat with this ďit girlĒ about surfing, her fear of murder and letting Jennifer Lawrence ďdo whatever she wantsĒ to her. (Okay, thatís slightly out of context, but weíll roll with it.)

Tell me a little bit about your character in CHASING MAVERICKS, and what was making the movie like?

My character is Kim, and sheís a California surfer girl, kind of a tomboy and just really spirited and outgoing. She was always strong and independent, never a damsel in distress, thatís why she is so appealing to Jay (Johnny Weston).

Can you relate to that kind of character?

I consider myself a tomboy, and itís nice to not have to play the pretty, prissy girl, which Iím not at all. It was nice to play someone who was very grounded.

Do you surf at all?

I learned to surf for the movie, and I think about it every day, but I donít do it as much as I would love to. It has become a big part of my life, and itís something I learned about myself doing this movie; I got to surf everyday for six months. It got to the point where I would just go out by myself and surf. It was the best experience of my life.

Of course, you were also in THE HUNGER GAMES. What was it like participating in whatís one of the biggest phenomenons out there today?

It was really incredible. I donít think that any of us knew, just being so close to it before it became what it is now. We were just trying to make the best movie we could, whether it was THE HUNGER GAMES or some movie nobody has ever head of. We were all excited to be there, but we didnít really realize what it was that we were making. Iím so proud of it.

You played a villain in that movie; do you think you would be deadly and brutal if you were in that position?

I donít know! Iím terrified of death, and of killing people. Thatís probably my biggest fear. I would probably let someone kill me so I wouldnít have to kill anyone.

Whoa! You fear killing somebody more than you fear getting killed?

Yeah, I think so. If it were real, Iíd be crying and having an existential breakdown. The truth is, Iím not as tough as I seem. Or as Iíd like to be.

If you had to fight Jennifer Lawrence in real life, who do you think would win?

God, thatís a good question. Probably her.

You can say youíd win, itís fine.

(Laughs) I donít think I would win, Iíd roll over like a Golden Retriever so she could do whatever she wants.

Do you ever Google yourself?

Yeah, definitely I do. Itís interesting to see. Everyone, whether theyíre an actor or not, is interested in their own presence. Anyone who says they donít do it is a liar. (Laughs)

What were some of your favorite movies of the past year?

I loved DJANGO UNCHAINED, absolutely loved it. I loved THE IMPOSSIBLE, I thought Naomi Wattsí performance was heart-shattering, I was so moved by it. I actually loved BEAUTIFUL CREATURES, I would love to see it again. ARGO, of course. But DJANGO and THE IMPOSSIBLE were my favorites.

When youíre not working, what are some of your hobbies, what are the things you like to do?

I am very fond of dogs, I love to work with dogs; I have two dogs, and if my roommate would let me I would get like five hundred of them. I love surfing and the beach and going to the coast with my friends. Just discovering gorgeous places. Thatís my alter-ego: a hippie. Maybe in my other life, thatís what Iíll be.

We like to dish out health tips once in a while, so what can you tell us about how you stay in such great shape?

Recently, I discovered I have celiac disease, itís a gluten intolerance. I never knew, but Iíve always had some health problems. So recently I lost like ten pounds from cutting gluten, that was the best thing ever for me. I recommend it to everyone, I now have so much more energy and even my memory is better. It has been great for me.

Do you prefer going out to a club or spending a quiet night at home?

Iím pretty much fifty-fifty. I really love a night out with my friends, that keeps me going. Iím young, I might as well. Carpe diem. If Iím not going to have fun now, itís never going to happen. Anytime I get an invitation to go somewhere, I try to do it.

What do you have coming up?

I just made PERCY JACKSON 2, which comes out in August, Iím really excited about that. And Iím doing another movie, which hasnít been announced yet.

Is it a big secret?

Itís not a big secret, but itís something Iím really excited about, there are really amazing actors involved and itís totally different for me.

When I read the announcement, Iím sure Iíll be mad that you didnít give me the exclusive. But itís okay.

(Laughs) Call me back then and weíll deal with it.

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6:41AM on 03/22/2013
She's beautiful and pulled off that "surfer chick" looks in Chasing Mavericks very well.
She's beautiful and pulled off that "surfer chick" looks in Chasing Mavericks very well.
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