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The Hottie Stop interviews Holland Roden, star of Teen Wolf and Lore

10.09.2017by: Eric Walkuski

Based on her recent run of appearances on television, it would seem Holland Roden seems to like keeping it scary. The actress recently wrapped up six seasons of Teen Wolf, the popular MTV series, and immediately moved on to a role in Amazon's spooky anthology Lore, in which she plays a woman accused of being a "changeling" by her husband (based on a true story!). After Lore, which premieres on October 13th, Holland moved on to Channel Zero: Butcher's Block, the third incarnation of Syfy's horror series that will premiere in 2018. It's October, so Holland's filmography fits right in with the month!

Holland was nice enough to join us for a chat about her time on Teen Wolf, her upcoming roles in Lore and Channel Zero, interacting with her devoted fans and more!

What can you tell me about your character in Lore?

She is a woman that lived in Tipperary Ireland in the 1890s. She was considered the last witch in Ireland, for reasons she couldn't control.

How did the details of the real story affect you when you learned of them?

Pretty shocking, to say the least. Just a little over a century ago. We have come along way in how we treat women in Western Europe.

Is it fun to play a character from another time period? What are the challenges that come with that?

I'm sure you have heard it's an actors dream and I'm no exception. You are putting on an entirely different suit as an actor when it comes to accents and period pieces. Of course that part was a joy.

Teen Wolf is ending after a rather impressive run. What are your thoughts on saying goodbye?

Like going off to college again. I will always have a place in my heart for those years and those people. Nothing will be ever quite like it.

How great have the fans of that show been? Can you share any fond memories that stick out?

They are incredible and so unique! Our show didn't have a lot of marketing. They truly found us and it grew from there. That was always such a special feeling and a bond that we have with them. The fan art would be my fondest memories - or when they tell me who they watch with - that always gets me - a lot of moms became closer to their kids watching the show I was told. I will always remember that.

How active are you on social media when it comes to your fans?

I am always the person that doesn't like taking pictures, so the fans are my motivation to take more. If I wasn't acting, I don't know how active I would be on social media. I wear far too many sweatpants for outfits of the day! I don't know if that will ever change. Perhaps.

You're embarking on a new show, Channel Zero: Butcher's Block, what can you tell me about the plot and how you figure in?

I can say wow wow wow! Nick Antosca and Arkasha Stevenson are so talented. How they married their visions together. I am giddy to see how it turns out! I really felt honored to be a part of that project. My character is someone very different from what I have played before so Iím excited for people to see her come to life.

Would you prefer to transfer to movies eventually? Do you prefer TV?

I go where the stories are, no matter the medium. I also love documentaries I am currently trying to produce two very different ones right now. I simply love stories wherever they take me with or without a camera.

What's your favorite thing to do when you're not working?

Travel and walking my dog, not in that order. I collect magnets but hopefully I will upgrade my collection status to fossils. I also love back country skiing and camping with Fievel, my dog, hope to make it to Montana Glacier Park soon!

What's the most gratifying part of being an actor?

The people you meet and places you go, it all makes for one hell of a story and memory. Stories, it's what we breed on.

Lore premieres on Amazon October 13th. You can follow Holland on Instagram HERE and Twitter HERE.

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