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The Hottie Stop interviews Hannah Fierman, star of SiREN and V/H/S

12.05.2016by: Eric Walkuski

"I like you."

With those simple three words, Hannah Fierman created a new horror femme fatale in the V/H/S segment "Amateur Night," which saw the young actress play a man-eating succubus who makes a mess of a night out for a group of conniving bros. Hannah's expressive face (those eyes!), chilling delivery and unnerving body movements ensured that "Lily" would be a character we wouldn't soon forget. In fact, Lily made such an impression that they recently made a film revolving around her: SiREN, which utilizes a similar plot as Amateur Night but expands upon Lily's backstory and persona.

Hannah is actually quite nice, so I didn't fear for my flesh or soul when I spoke to her about tackling the role of Lily once again, her thoughts on the future of the character, having her face tattooed on people's bodies and what's next for her!

Hi there! Where are you calling from?

I'm in Atlanta.

Is that where you're based?

It's where I'm based, but I'm also shooting something. [Laughs]

That's convenient! So when you were making V/H/S did you ever imagine you'd be revisiting this character again? Did you think there was more to tell?

Not originally. We thought we were making a crazy short pretty much for fun. The reason I did it was to work with David [Bruckner], I had seen his work and thought he was a very talented director. The other reason I agreed to do it was because I knew it was going to get in front of five other directors, art of an anthology. We had no idea it was going to be as popular as it turned out to be. I thought there was potential for it to be a feature because there's such a compelling, interesting story to it, but it didn't think it would be as popular as it turned out to be.

How different is she in this from the original? Or is she just more fleshed out?

I think she's a very similar character. The character is a very primal creature; I think adding more to her, or making her different, would be a shame in a lot of ways. I like that they made her a siren as opposed to succubus, and I got to sing and explore that part of the character that was a little bit different.

How were your singing skills on set?

It was fun. Actually, they had me lip sync at first, and I was just like, turn off that music and just let me sing it because it was distracting. You can just tell when someone is lip synching versus actually just singing. So I ended up actually singing the entire time, which was much easier. I'd like you to add in there that I actually did sing in the score, because they left that out of the credits! Bullshit! Nothing we can do about it now.

I will let the world know for sure.

Thank you so much. [Laughs]

Are there further adventures with this character down the line, do you think? Is this a new horror icon?

I think she's definitely in the lexicon. I think there's the possibility for more spin-offs, she's such an interesting character. She makes you feel uncomfortable on so many levels; her vulnerability and her almost childlike behavior, in juxtaposition with her savagery. She's a fascinating character to watch.

And of course there will never be a shortage of jerky guys who deserve to meet her.

I think we can go some other place with it if we do revisit it. Get creative with it.

Do you have a favorite movie femme fatale? Female villain?

I like anything Helena Bonham Carter does, and I like anything Tilda Swinton does, they are my favorite. But straight-up femme fatale? Do you remember Double Indemnity?

Barbara Stanwyck. She was like the original.

Yeah! She was great. I gotta re-watch that film.

When did you know you wanted to be an actress?

Ever since I was a kid. I've always loved storytelling. I've written countless plays; when I was a kid I'd get all the other kids in the neighborhood to be in them and we'd put them on for our parents. I did my first feature film when I was 17; I've just always enjoyed it.

What's your favorite thing about it?

I like telling good stories. The thing I like most about horror, which is a genre I'm cast in frequently, is you can do whatever you want with it. Be as crazy and out there as you like. And horror fans are very flexible people, it's a very flexible genre. It's the same thing I like about all storytelling, you have no limits.

Horror fans are very loyal as well. Are you cool with becoming a fixture in the horror community?

Yeah! I already am, there are people out there with tattoos of my face on them. I just sincerely hope that they like this movie. [Laughs] I don't want to disappoint them and make them regret their tattoo.

Is that a strange feeling, knowing someone has a tattoo of your face?

It was at first, but mostly it's just flattering. I think the horror genre and tattoos just go hand in hand.

What do you do to relax when you're not acting?

I produce; I'm producing a short film right now. I write, just like everybody else does. I'm also a painter, I have a lot of my paintings on my website, Hannah

Is writing and producing a goal you'd like to achieve full time?

I do enjoy producing. I like working with my friends in lot of creative and interesting ways.

What's coming up for you that you're really looking forward to?

I have a movie coming up called Hold Me, which is about a girl named Hannah who holds people while they're being euthanized. It's a very heavy drama. Next week I'm doing a thriller called Haven's End, where I play a goth chick named Hannah. After that I'm doing a short with a bunch of my buddies, it's sci-fi, and I play a cyborg prison warden. It's actually a really good script.

You're playing two different characters named Hannah? Is that fate?

No, they were written for me. [Laughs] It also helps when someone says your name, you have a way more natural reaction.

I can imagine. Thanks for your time, good luck with everything coming up!

Thank you so much!

You can check out Hannah's acting website HERE and her art website HERE. SiREN is currently in theaters and will hit DVD on December 6th; order it HERE.

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