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The Hottie Stop interviews Genesis Rodriguez from Identity Thief

02.08.2013by: JimmyO

Anyone who knows me is very aware of my love for Genesis Rodriguez. Not only is she stunningly beautiful, she is a terrific actress and absolutely hilarious as well. In early 2012 she and her co-star Jamie Bell created sparks as a sexy dynamic duo [Bell was pretty sexy as well according to my wife] in MAN ON A LEDGE. She also put a fire under Will Ferrell in the Spanish language comedy CASA DE MI PADRE. This year, the actress is getting tough not only starring in Schwarzeneggerís THE LAST STAND, but as a serious badass in the upcoming IDENTITY THIEF opposite Melissa McCarthy and Jason Bateman Ė opening this Friday so go check it out.

When I first met Genesis, I was instantly smitten. She is always fantastic during interviews no matter who she is talking to. Last week, she shined on the TBS talk show ďConanĒ during a hilarious sketch involving eating and crying while host Conan OíBrien Ė who clarified the unbelievable nature of the scene Ė broke up with her. While speaking to her again I came to the conclusion that she is indeed the perfect woman. She loves STAR WARS and prefers watching a basketball game as opposed to a fancy party. And if there is any justice in the world, she will be cast in the upcoming J.J. Abrams directed STAR WARS flick!

Youíre going to get so many new fans from the Conan O'Brien episode. That was freaking brilliant (you can check out the hilarious interview here).

[Laughing] I had fun. Give me some turkey and let me act.

Who offered the turkey? I mean, where did this come from?

I donít know. It was just, like, a stupid thing. Listen, I probably say the stupidest things in interviews and then they come to bite me in the butt. I had mentioned somewhere that my dream scene was to be eating, like, a cheeseburger and crying at the same time, I just think thatís so funny. I had mentioned this in some interview, God knows where, and the Conan producers Ė they did their research. They knew all of my antics. They know that I get STAR WARS nails and all that crazy stuff. So, they said, ďWe heard that you want to do a scene where you are crying and eating at the same time.Ē So, I said, ĎHell yeah, letís do it!Ē I didnít see the script until then, so they just brought out a turkey leg and I just went at it. [Laughing] I committed a hundred percent.

Howíd it taste? It looked kinda dry, frankly.

It was delicious!

Now as you know, I loved THE LAST STAND, but our man, John Fallon over at our sister site ARROW IN THE HEAD, always mentions the amount of nudity and such in a film in his reviews. He said, even when you were fully dressed in the movie, you looked damn fine (The Arrow knows his stuff my friends).

Oh, that is so sweet! Iím glad that I donít have to take off my clothes for people to appreciate what I do. [Laughing]

Is that something that you donít like to do? Youíve gone sexy, of course, but never to that extent. Is that something that you just wonít do?

If I have to do it, I will. I donít like to limit myself in anything. If Iím going to do something, Iím going to do it one hundred percent and Iím not going to even think about it, but I donít like to. I mean, I donít like going down to my skivvies in front of twenty guys that havenít even been there all the other days and are there for THAT day. Itís kind of odd. Itís weird. If everyone else were in their underwear, Iíd feel great.

That should happen for you.

Right? Everyone should just hang out in their underwear and make a girl feel fine. It was one of the coldest days, of course, and I was shivering in my underpants [during MAN ON A LEDGE] while theyíre all wearing beanies and gloves. It was the worst.

Now, youíve got a new film which, sadly, I havenít seen yet, IDENTITY THIEF. Who do you play? I ask because I donít see you in the ads, which makes me sad.

AhÖ Well, I play a criminal and she is kind of batshit crazy. She has a very heavy accent and is after Melissa McCarthy because she sold her some credit cards that were fraudulent, so sheís chasing her throughout the entire film.

Itís weird that youíre playing all these really tough chicks lately.

I know! Itís strange because Iím totally not [like that].

Well, you are, but youíre nice, though. You donít come across as the ďtough galĒ in real life, but when you watch it on film, youíre like, ďOh, hell yeah! Absolutely.Ē

Oh, well, thank you, Jimmy! I like that. I like that I can be somebody that Iím not and go into scenes where Iím a total badass and super confidant. Iím really goofy and uncoordinated in real life. Iím just a silly freaking person, so when I get to be somebody different, I really like to go in and feel that way even if it is just for a scene. Then, you yell ďcutĒ and Iíll just fall over. Itís kind of great to be somebody that youíre not and thatís why I do what I do. I like the fact that Iím getting these parts that are so unlike me because I like to be badass on Tuesdays and WednesdaysÖ [Laughing] Itís a great job.

Yeah. You can step away from it. Itís not who you are and itís a lot more fun to be the badass.

Oh yeah, itís super fun holding some big guns and shooting them without any remorse because you can just go home afterwards and watch some basketball in your pajamas.

And this is why you are the perfect woman. You are a huge basketball fan and you love the Miami Heat.

Iím a HUGE basketball fan. Yesterday, I swear to you, I got home from work and thank the Lord the Miami Heat was playing, then the Clippers were playing and then the Lakers. I had a whole night of basketball and I fell right to sleep. I was just such a happy camper. I love sports! My girlfriends growing up, they were like ďguy girls.Ē I donít necessarily get along with the girly girls that donít like to get dirty. I like to have a few laughs and poke fun at myself. I just donít care.

Have you always had a lot of guyfriends or girlfriends?

Well, my girlfriends are like me. My girlfriends back at home, weíre a big group. Here in L.A. though, itís been so difficult to make some girlfriends. Itís hard, you know, because actresses are very hard to put up with.


So much drama! You know, people need to keep it at their job and not bring it into their lives. I donít know... Itís been kind of easier just to have guy friends.

Do you ever Google yourself? If you do, what do you like or dislike about it?

I do Google myself Ė God, why do I admit to this? Ė I do, but I Google for the news, like when I do press junkets; I like to watch what I said because I have no chance at remembering what I said that day. Iím living in the moment with you and probably said some stupid stuff. So, Iíll double check that I didnít say anything so stupid. I like to double check things and make sure Iím not coming across as that big of a dumbass.

Now, of course people should be going to see THE LAST STAND and the upcoming IDENTITY THIEF, but what are some of your favorite movies that you look at and say, ďOh, thatís amazing, I want to be in that!Ē

I love [Quentin]Tarantino films. I love Woody Allen films. I obviously love STAR WARS. You know this.

I do.

I love all these different types of genres. I love sci-fi, I love natural, dialogue-driven films, I like dramas, but I have to be in a certain mood to watch them. I need to have the mindset where I know Iím going to be disappointed and shouldnít do anything the rest of the day cause Iím going to be in a mood, but I am certainly a ďmovie-goer.Ē I like seeing popcorn films and I like being in them. I like to just entertain people in every genre. I love all kinds of movies and Iím not the kind of person that will sit and dissect films like that. I know how much work is being put into them so I go in with an open mind.

What is your all-time favorite movie? What is the one movie that you can always go back to?

Oh my gosh, that isÖwowÖ I could go back to YOUNG FRANKENSTEIN all the time.

Ah, such a good movie!

I love YOUNG FRANKENSTEIN! Itís so up my alley, you donít even know.

Well, you are really good at comedy, too. Was that always an inspiration, that kind of humor? Have you always liked doing comedy?

I always thought I just naturally had funny things happen in my life. My days are so funny that people would probably videotape it. They wouldnít believe how I act in real life. I certainly donít take myself, or anyone else around me, too seriously. Iím always having a good time. I feel like thereís comedy everywhere. You just have to want to see it. So, I guess I feel very at ease when Iím in a comedy because Iím just there to play and have fun.

I think that shows up in your interviews, as well. Although, Iíve gotta be honest; I was a little jealous watching you being interviewed by other people.

Theyíre not you, okay? You are my first love and you know this!

I do and it makes me very happy. [Totally blushing at this point] Now, when we last spoke, we had talked about the whole partying scene. Do you like to go dancing and clubbing or would you rather sit at home and watch a movie?

I lived in Miami and that whole lifestyle is something that if you canít live it, you shouldnít be there. I could probably do it once in a blue moon, but itís certainly not for me. Itís just way too exhausting. Iím more of a letís-order-some-Dominos-and-watch-a-movie kind of girl. I donít need to go out and get ďshlammeredĒ with strangers to have a good time. Iíd rather be with my friends and getďshlammered.Ē

You know once this goes up, Dominos is suddenly gonna get more business.

Donít underestimate Dominos. [Laughing]

Now for my last question, who is your favorite director? Who is the one person youíd love to work with?

Well I guess now I am in full STAR WARS campaign mode so I have to say J.J. Abrams. I need to be in that movie!

I agree completely. Letís make this happen!

[Laughing] I donít even care if I am a ďEwokĒ okay? I just need to be in it.

So you are happy with him taking on STAR WARS?

I am. I really am. I think he is going to do a good job with it and I like the fact that he is not rushing it at all. He is going to take his time with it and that is the way it should be done.

Extra Tidbit: If you haven't had a chance, make sure you catch THE LAST STAND and of course you can check out IDENTITY THIEF opening this Friday at a theatre near you.
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